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    Romney Told Catholic Hospitals to Administer Abortion Pills

    I’m not going to write a long commentary here, as I think it’s self explanatory. Here’s the link:   I’ve heard Romney’s excuse on this, he said there wasn’t anything he could do, because that was “the law”. But he signed Romneycare knowing this was in there, so his excuse doesn’t match up to reality. I don’t know how you can paint this as | Read More »

    The Destruction of “Moonbat” Newt Gingrich

    As I write this, Mark Levin is on a serious rampage on his show about the state of the Republican primary, and how there is a full court press to literally destroy Newt Gingrich. “Don’t count me among them,” he says. Mark is right. If Romney, or any other candidate, wants my vote, they will have to convince me to vote for them, not against | Read More »

    We have lots jobs! We have no jobs!

    The New York Times’ circulation is down almost 9% over last year, but that good old Gray Lady just keeps on churning out the stories about our nation’s recovery under Obama.This one is great reading, too. The first sentence alone brings to mind writing advice from author William Faulkner, who used the phrase “Kill your darlings”. (Advice also recommended by Stephen King by the way). | Read More »

    Another example of Wikipedia’s accuracy

    I know, I know, there have been stories about how "journalists" have been caught quoting wikipedia for their source, when anyone can edit the site. Everyone likes wikipedia, heck, I like it. But its only good for browsing the net sort of info….like when you want to know what Tom Cruise’s real name is or something. It’s been used though so many other times to | Read More »

    We Shall Fight

    One of the most famous speeches given by Winston Churchill was called “We shall fight them on the beaches”. Here’s the part we all know: We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost | Read More »

    50 years later…a fitting way to celebrate tax day.

    What could be better a better way to celebrate tax day, then to watch an interview from 50 years ago. This is a fascinating interview with Ayn Rand from 1959. You will be blown away at some of the topics she talks about…it sounds like something from an interview today! Watch part 2 for her take on how there should be a complete separation of | Read More »

    What did Pelosi say in 2006?

    We’re at an average of $2.79 a gallon on gasoline, oil prices are $85, and I’m waiting outside of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office. You see, I’m sure she’s going to have something to say about this issue, because in April of 2006, she said this: With skyrocketing gas prices, it is clear that the American people can no longer afford the Republican Rubber Stamp Congress | Read More »

    First health care judge a Bush appointee

    A Virginia judge who has been assigned to the state’s law suit against Obamacare and is likely to be one of the first to hear arguments against the new health care bill was elevated to the bench by President George W. Bush in 2002. This could mean nothing, I mean, let’s not forget about Harriet Miers, Bush’s original choice for the Supreme Court that every | Read More »

    Nobody likes a cheater

    With all the jubilant Democrat and mainstream media high fives that have gone on the last few days, you would have thought that a real victory had taken place. Just do a Google news search on “Health Care Victory”. Every story is claiming it as such. What someone forgot along the way is that Americans hate cheaters. I mean we really despise them. Who’s the | Read More »

    From the site in case you can’t get in…

    Republicans are trying to inform Democrats who are expected to vote yes on the Senate bill language that a fatal provision of the “fix” package will not allow it to go through the reconciliation process. Since being posted on Drudge, the site has been up and down, so i thought i would repost the text here for your reading pleasure. This is a big | Read More »