I Am A Prophetess–I guess. In October, 2007 I published this toon on my blog at RightNation Every time I think I’ve drawn something SO bizarrely out there that it can NEVER come true I amaze myself with my prophetic ability.

    December 25th–Morning at the White House With The First Daughters (Muffin Toon) Originally Publish at Right Nation December 3, 2012


    Muffin Toon: Romney’s First 10 Minutes As President Originally Published at RightNation Oct. 31, 2012

    Muffin Toon: If You Thought Lena Dunham’s “Voting for O is Like First Time Sex” ad was bad–wait until you see the ones they didn’t use Originally published in RightNation 10-26-12

    Muffin Toon: Those Chic-fil-a Employees Are Just Too Darn Nice

    When I see how polite those Chic-fil-a employees are to the jerks who try to antagonize them into (gasp) acting in an uncivil manner– well–it makes me (grudgingly) admire them. But also, it bugs me. So here, where I RULE UNCONDITIONALLY–my blog–I offer you this “Wag’s World” view of a confrontation between a fast food server and Manny Castro, the graffiti artist who took credit | Read More »

    Pagan/Muffin Toon: Will Joey Plugs Be Dumped? Only O Knows   Thank you again to my partner, Joe the Pagan.       Originally Published in RightNation July 2011

    Wag a Muffin Toon: Obama sez, “You Didn’t Build That. Somebody Else Made That Happen.” And About Fifty years ago in the Dunham household. Original Toon Published in RightNation July 15, 2012 link And today you get a twofer.  Just because I think these all “go together.” Here is a Pagan/Muffin toon published in RightNation June 13, 2009 Thank you to my part time collaborator, Joe the Pagan. link

    Pagan/Muffin Toon: Hello. I’m Eric Holder And So Is My Wife. . . Originally Published in RightNation July 12, 2012 link

    Pagan/Muffin Toon: Two OWS’ers Discuss The Boston Tea Party Museum

    Originally Published July 8, 2012 at RightNation Joe the Pagan emailed me the idea for this toon.  He is a friend I met online and a frequent collaborator.  Thanks Joe.  

    Muffin Toon: How Hollywood Edits Its History Originally Published in RightNation June 18, 2012