Let them in

    Today the House passed a bill that will slow down, if not stop refugees from Syria from being able to be re-settled in the United States. This is in my view a mistake. For one, it doesn’t address the serious issue of the Administration refusing to give governors information as to their plans, and other concerns that some have raised. My main problem with this | Read More »

    Paul Ryan will raise taxes

    Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and most of the left are screaming about Paul Ryan‘s plan to literally pull the food out of the mouths of poor children to give tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires, to paraphrase the rhetoric. This is because Ryan’s plan would lower the top rate to 25 percent from its current rate of 35 percent. Lost in all of this is | Read More »

    The concience of Joe Biden

    Joe Biden was on PBS Newshour on Thursday night speaking about the protests in Egypt. He stated that he did not believe that President Mubarak should step down, nor was he a dictator. He further seemed to question the legitimacy of some of the grievances of the protesters. This is unconscionable. Mr. Biden is the duly elected vice president of the United States of America, | Read More »

    Mr Miller, it is over

    We are different. We accept defeat graciously, wish our opponent the very best, if they are in the same party, we endorse them  and then step back and look towards the next election. We (rightly) were angry when Bob Bennett, Charlie Crist, Mike Castle, Lisa Murkowski and others didn’t accept defeat in an honorable fashion, and in some cases mounted independent campaigns to take what | Read More »

    Who is rich these days?

    I am not rich. Not by a long shot. Therefore, I don’t think I have to worry about being the object of class warfare. But really, who is rich? The word has been thrown around since people figured out what class warfare was. Rich has meant robber barons, steel magnates, the Rockefeller family, CEO’s, millionaires, billionaires, celebrities, and everything in between. Bill Clinton decided in | Read More »

    Premonition, or good sources?

    Today i read a story in the New York Times that I was absolutely thrilled by, but politically it scared me a little. The article discusses the Obama administration weighing tax reform. The treasury department is supposedly looking at options to get rid of a number of deductions and lowering the marginal rates to split the difference and keep payments equal while broadening the tax | Read More »