I am a Reagan Conservative. I really don't care which party is conservative, so long as it's the one in power. Too many men and women have bled, fought and died for this country to hand it over to the likes of Al Franken, Babs "Ma'am" Boxer and Dede Scozzafava. We must wrench our country out of the grasping hands of the socialists, the unions and the assorted gang of grievance-mongers NOW (no pun intended, although the N.O.W. is a perfect example.) When the takers outnumber the makers -- it will be TOO LATE. "You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves." ---------- Abraham Lincoln


    Suspension of reality-Ferguson

    How much suspension of disbelief does it take to buy into the version of events proffered by Michael Brown’s friend?  Let’s begin earlier that day when police officer Darren Wilson wearily arose to carry out another shift in the dreamland that is Ferguson, MO.  Officer Wilson, by all reports, was an outstanding officer: quiet, competent, efficient.  Not showy or given to much brio or braggadocio. | Read More »

    Mr. Sulu bashes Hobby Lobby

    “Hobby Lobby is not a church.  It’s a business.  Businesses must and should be required to comply with neutrally crafted laws of general applicability…We are a nation that respects religious beliefs, but also the right not to have those beliefs imposed on us by others.”  George Takei Well, no one is forcing anyone to work or shop at Hobby Lobby.  OTH, forcing HL to spend | Read More »

    The Long Enduring Obamas

    Many lines have been written concerning Mr. Ta-Nehisi Coates’ recent reparations rant.  An excellent reposte can be found at NRO by Kevin Williamson.  It has a few logical lapses, but overall is pretty good. In the meantime, I cannot resist the temptation to reply directly to Mr. Coates assertion (in the original piece to which Williamson is responding) that: “In the contest of upward mobility, Barack and Michelle | Read More »

    Reparations – good for wealthy Democrats

    I found this on NRO: Some of Mr. Williamson’s conclusions are nonsense, not to mention contradicted by his own words elsewhere in the piece: “The fact is that the situation of African Americans in the United States has improved precisely to the extent that whites have begun to forgo tribalism and to genuinely commit themselves to the principles of liberalism, the long march toward | Read More »

    Well, well, well, As Warrior predicted

    It looks like I was sooooo right about Sarah Palin.  She is (to mix a metaphor) the sharpest cookie in the drawer.  We must nominate her in ’16 to oppose Hillary.  Believe it or not, Benghazi Hil’ will have a very good chance of winning, once the Dems crank up their “Republicans’ war on Womyn and the Poor”, Version 8.16.   And laud have mercy, with Cliven Bundy going | Read More »

    Colorado theater is gun free

    What if everyone in the Colorado theater had been carrying a gun.  How many rounds would the “shooter” have gotten off then?  He would have shot once, then everybody else would have shot him.  Period.  Witnesses said they were just lying on the ground waiting for him to reload, which did not happen since he had large capacity magazines and multiple guns. Have you noticed | Read More »

    Kidney disease or eyesore

    O.K. gang, I have just witnessed the deliberative mechanics of the state as it ponderously attempts to discern what constitutes an eyesore.  We are at its most basic level, local gubmint, so we are able to witness its naked incompetence without the fog of byzantine political machinations, although some less complex politics are surely at play.  In any event, a resident of a mid-sized Southern city has allowed the vegetative growth | Read More »


    Obama’s daddy problem

    Liberal writers like Maureen Dowd are fond of bloviating about the psychological underpinnings of Republican presidents, especially Bush I and II.  O.K., since Obama’s father was, shall we say, “emotionally absent” (among other things), let’s use his other daddy, you know, Jeremiah “Chickens” Wright.   This hateful man has left a rich and pungent trail of recorded evidence and testimony on which to base his likely | Read More »

    The real reason Trayvon Martin’s death was tragic

    Let’s start at the beginning.  You know, the on-going claim for reparations, which alone embraces all the race arguments in one.  Although constantly voted down as a terrible idea, reparations have actually been in place without a vote (just like abortion and soon gay marriage) for many years.  We have transferred at least 3 trillion to the “Poor” since LBJ’s “Great? Society” of ’60’s vintage.  Affirmative | Read More »

    “The rich do or don’t do so and so – so what?!

    Thomas Sowell recently wrote a couple of articles entitled “A Cynical Process” parts One and Two.  He concludes the second thusly: “At the local level as well, history shows that some of the most successful politicians have been people who ruined the local economy and chased job-creating businesses away. Mayor Coleman Young of Detroit in the 1970s and 1980s was not worried when affluent whites began | Read More »