I am a Reagan Conservative. I really don't care which party is conservative, so long as it's the one in power. Too many men and women have bled, fought and died for this country to hand it over to the likes of Al Franken, Babs "Ma'am" Boxer and Dede Scozzafava. We must wrench our country out of the grasping hands of the socialists, the unions and the assorted gang of grievance-mongers NOW (no pun intended, although the N.O.W. is a perfect example.) When the takers outnumber the makers -- it will be TOO LATE. "You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves." ---------- Abraham Lincoln


    What 2 do about racial agitprop & the forced choice of ’12

    What have I been doing about it you ask?  Well, I have been writing about such things for the last several years on this very RS forum. I have taken

    And like night follows day…

    The subtext for the 2012 election has already been set.  Presto! Chango! With a dazzeling flash and mighty “Hi-Oohh, Silver”, a vote for Barry will now be counted as a

    Now that we have run Christianity out of the schools

    What has replaced it?  I’ll tell you what: a devil’s brew of Godless political correctness, children without parents, teachers without control, nihilism in theory and practice, and Hollywood glamorization of guns, sex

    Why we fight the red herring

    Left wing academics cum politicians are great at the art of misdirection and Obama is nothing if not an academic/politician – a poor one, but one nonetheless. So why do so

    Mitt and the Whitebreads

    Remember back when?  Back when Warrior and others were straining to get a real conservative to run?  Oh, we were accused of the most awful things.  They said we were

    Bimbo Erruptions

    Why don’t we all take a second and read this: I know Glory Alred is a gadfly in the conservative ointment, but this looks serious. And it won’t be

    The ‘N’ Word & the October Surprise

    Now I hope Streif, Acat and all the other doubters and detractors understand what I was talking about a few months ago.  Gov. Rick Perry has gone from front-runner to fall-behind because of

    Open letter to Air Joe

    So ya think House Republicans are like terrorists for trying to stop America from going broke by constantly raising the debt limit rather than by fiscal restraint?  Weren’t you once

    Patti LaWho…?

    Oh great.  Now the presumption of innocence is on celebrities and their thugs, even when the incident has been clearly recorded on a security video.  You can view it on YouTube by

    Not the American Dream

    A lot of cheap politicians like Clinton, Obama and Jackson run around blaming this, that and the other thing for Americans no longer being able to realize the American dream.