I am a Reagan Conservative. I really don't care which party is conservative, so long as it's the one in power. Too many men and women have bled, fought and died for this country to hand it over to the likes of Al Franken, Babs "Ma'am" Boxer and Dede Scozzafava. We must wrench our country out of the grasping hands of the socialists, the unions and the assorted gang of grievance-mongers NOW (no pun intended, although the N.O.W. is a perfect example.) When the takers outnumber the makers -- it will be TOO LATE. "You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves." ---------- Abraham Lincoln


    Why reparations a nonsense – a reminder

    Aside from the fact that no one alive today had anything to do with slavery, let us consider what specious nonsense apologies and/or reparations truly are. 1. All labor, black, white, Irish or Chinese, was paid a subsistence wage only — no one made any actual money for labor at that time. Room and board — that was it. And BTW, most sharecroppers were white | Read More »

    the non-equivalence of racism

    Unfortunately, Orwell was quite predictive of the kulturesmog (thanks Emmett Tyrrell) which exists today and the reality that facts aren’t as important in polemical contests as they once were.  Therefore, to win, we conservatives will have to remove the only weapon they have, i.e. the accusation of “racism” itself.  We must endure it, confront it, root it out, marginalize it and minimize it.  Without it, | Read More »

    Eric Speechless? I’m shocked, shocked…

    Eric Erickson wrote an article on RS this AM (7/13/10) in which he proclaimed himself “speechless” by Anita Dunn, former Obamma WH Comms director, who blatantly proclaimed that “tax cuts were spending, too” (presumably by the federal gubmint.)  I had to reply.  However, although the current diatribe began as my brief rejoinder to that article, it soon transmogrified itself into a free-floating, stream-of-consciousness venting of ALL THAT’S | Read More »

    The Death of Personal Responsibility

    Greg Baer is deputy general counsel for corporate law at Bank of America.  On a quiet Sunday afternoon two weeks ago his house was swarmed by 14 busloads of Service Employees International Union (SEIU) agitators who showed up at his front door uninvited.  His 14 year old son was home alone and terrified.  Their sqwak was BOA is “Greedy” because millions of people are having | Read More »

    Manned Space Flight & America’s Future, Vol. II

    Just so there is no doubt about Barack Hussein’s position on defense and space, check this vid out: Let’s take the main points one by one: (Even though the first one is not directly related to space, it serves as an extremely convenient glimpse into the BHO Modus Operandi for dealing with important defense matters.  That is, in the words of both Charles Krauthammer | Read More »

    Manned Space Flight & America’s Future, Vol. I

    Who benefits from technology developed for manned space flight?? Everyone… From geologists to?archaeologists: Digital topographic data of mountain ranges, which will be available for the first time with the retrieval of Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data, will allow geologists to test new models of how mountains form and determine the relative strength of the forces that uplift and crumple mountains and the erosive forces which | Read More »

    A Primer in Owellian Doublespeak

    I had the misfortune of watching DNC Chairperson Tim Kaine on Fox & Friends yesterday.  The disingenuousness of his remarks was stunning to behold.  Everything the Fox(y) lady asked was met with one unchallenged talking point after another.  So, I decided to form a rebuttle.  First, he blamed “gridlock in Washington” for the various failures of the O’Drama Administration.  I could hardly believe my ears.  Did | Read More »

    The Dems don’t own the trial lawyers,

    the lawyers “own” the Democrats.  But not just any lawyers.  It’s the John Edwards’ brand of ambulance chasers who are at issue.  In general, The American Trial Lawyers Assoc. for instance, and in particular, civil plaintiff trial lawyers.  Now, everybody should have the right to seek redress through the courts.  And most attorneys are just working stiffs who try to do the best they can | Read More »

    With all due respect to Star Parker

    RedState contributor “Beaglescout” quoted Star Parker in one of his comments as saying: “Republicans need to wake up [and see] that the conservative message that supposedly defines their party is a message that blacks badly need. But they aren’t going to sell it to them as long as blacks do not feel comfortable pulling the lever for Republicans. Republicans leaders should be using air time | Read More »

    Al Sharpton (inadvertently) speaks the Truth

    This morning on Fox & Friends, Al “Freddie’s Fashion Mart” Sharpton finally admitted the truth, though I doubt he realizes it.  While defending Harry “No Negro Dialect” Byrd and Bill “Get Me Some Coffee” Clinton and trashing Trent Lott, Sharpton stated, basically, that such remarks were O.K. coming from the former two august personages because they helped get blacks elected. He went on to explain that Lott’s | Read More »