I am a Reagan Conservative. I really don't care which party is conservative, so long as it's the one in power. Too many men and women have bled, fought and died for this country to hand it over to the likes of Al Franken, Babs "Ma'am" Boxer and Dede Scozzafava. We must wrench our country out of the grasping hands of the socialists, the unions and the assorted gang of grievance-mongers NOW (no pun intended, although the N.O.W. is a perfect example.) When the takers outnumber the makers -- it will be TOO LATE. "You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves." ---------- Abraham Lincoln


    Harry Reid, Political Windsock

    Regarding Prince Harry’s recent public evaluation of Prez Obambi’s skin tone, I guess one could say that it’s easy to be black and white on this issue (pun intended.) Back in ’53, George Wallace, while serving on the Alabama bench of the Third Judicial Cicuit Court, was castigated by fellow whites for refering to black attorneys who appeared before him as “Sir” and using the | Read More »

    Misreading Jefferson

    Just as Jefferson’s phrase, “…all men are created equal…” referred to certain inalienable rights and therefore equal opportunity, his “…wall of separation between church and state…” (not found in the Declaration or Constitution I hasten to add) was simply an assurance that one denomination would not be favored over another at the federal level.  Yet, both have been perverted by leftist weenies to mean something entirely different.  | Read More »

    Fire in the Sky

    Oh, so now Barry wants the intel community to connect the dots. Let’s see what he has done to encourage and/or facilitate this: * His AG, Eric Holder, is now attempting to prosecute former (and present) CIA agents who were trying desperately to connect the dots * He is allowing KSM AND Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab to lawyer up, which will keep the most needed dots from | Read More »

    Lib Fascism Chapter 5

    “The 1960’s: Fascism Takes to the Streets” Favorite Chapter Quote: “Western civilization was saved when the barbarians were defeated, at least temporarily, in the early 1970’s. We should be not only grateful for our slender victory but vigilant in securing it for posterity.” Pg 199 First let me say how refreshing it is to find publications which dispel the current nostalgic patina of peace and | Read More »

    Liberal Fascism – Chapter 4

    Confession: We have a liberal troll who, when I don’t get a post up on Monday, sends me needling emails about what losers we all are for even attempting this. If nothing else, his email serves as a good reminder that I need to post. But this week I did not read. I got busy at the SPN Conference, then came home sick. Luckily, Warrior | Read More »

    Lib Fascism Chapt 3

    Lib Fascism Chapt 3 “Woodrow Wilson and the Birth of Liberal Fascism” Favorite chapter quote (from pg 88): “Indeed, the ink from Wilson’s pen regularly exudes the odor of what we today call the living Constitution.” When discussing the threat of any totalitarian threat coming to America, someone inevitably cries, “It can’t happen here.” Yet, according to Goldberg, it already has. It came in the | Read More »

    Lib Fascism Chapt 2

    “Adolph Hitler: Man of the Left” Favorite Chapter Quote: ”Meanwhile, the contention that industrialists and other fat cats were pulling Hitler’s strings from behind the scenes has also been banished to the province of aging Marxists, nostalgic for paradigms lost.”  Pg 58 [Favorite Chapter Quote from Chapter One, “Mussolini: The Father of Fascism”:  Speaking of where Mussolini might land in 1904 after being labeled an | Read More »

    Liberal Fascism: A Discussion

    Liberal Fascism: A Discussion of the book by Jonah Goldberg Intro and Chapter One Jonah Goldberg repeatedly, almost ad nauseum, provides caveats that he is not calling any contemporary (liberal) figure a genocidal dictator, a Nazi, a murderer or a rascist.  I’m only going to say it once.  I’m reviewing the precepts contained in an important book.  If I think someone is a Nazi or | Read More »

    Ed Rendell goes Religious

    This morning on Fox and Friends (Aug 20) Ed Rendell got religion as he lectured us about how the Bible says we are our brother’s keeper (which of course means we need to support Nobamacare).  Uh, correction Gov.  Cain asked God “Am ‘I’ my brother’s keeper?”  when God wanted to know where Able was (Cain had murdered him.)  It has come to symbolize the need to | Read More »

    Evil Mongers: A Response