Marco Obama

    Have we learned nothing?  Have we watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or 50 First Dates once too often?  Did we get bitten by the Walking Dead zombies and now only respond to sound, stumbling forward to its source?  Are we collectively Jason Bourne, struggling to remember what trauma erased our memories?  What, in the name of  Amnesiacs Anonymous,  are Republican types thinking about this | Read More »

    Four Bogus Defenses of Unfettered Muslim Immigration

    It is the Era Of Political Correctness and honesty has taken a header.  We now hear claims, assertions and truisms spouted daily by the talking heads that seem oblivious to logic or common sense and bloggers/ideologues line up to parrot the same bogus talking points. There are many voices echoing this nonsense but let’s try to get a little perspective. Argument 1: “Turning away Muslims | Read More »

    Sanctions and Mickey Mouse

    According to a reliable source, the President is not near done on sanctions to be levied against Putin and his warlike aggression, which has come at a time of great peril to the nation and the White House.  When all attention should be focused on picking March Madness winners and conjuring numbers on O’Care signups, the Old Grey Lady and her aged, crabbed siblings are | Read More »

    Big Brother and the Duck

    George Orwell was right, but he was off by 30 years. In the novel 1984, Orwell described a police state where adoration of the leader, Big Brother, was the only worship allowed, where constant surveillance of speech ensured everyone conformed to state policy in word and deed, a constantly changing belief system defined who the enemy was this week, history was rewritten to edit out | Read More »

    Farewell the Light

    Well, the time has come. After the first of the year, 40 watt and 60 watt incandescent bulbs are no more. After the big glittery light bulb descends on Times Square to mark the end of the year and usher in a new one, the globe will be taken, I suppose, to an empty lot nearby where Chief Nanny Bloomberg will be joined by Al | Read More »

    Kill the eagles!

    The President has approved the non-prosecution of companies operating wind farms whose windmills kill bald eagles. This prompts a couple of thoughts. First, his sycophantic supporters will excuse the carte blanche for killing by saying A. birds were killed by Bush’s windmills B. there are a lot of birds and its not as if we were hunting them (like Cruella de Wasilla would do) C. | Read More »

    Glib be gone

    Now let’s see. The President has demonstrated, in his tenure in office, that he has only one skill of note: giving speeches. He is rotten at foreign policy, ignorant of the basics of economics, supercilious in his dealing with opponents, bored with the mundane tasks of governance and prickly/mean when challenged. But that man can give a speech, boy can he give a speech, so | Read More »