What do readers at Red State think of Spengler’s latest article?

    It seems to me that David Goldman, “Spengler”, has it right that what we see before us is a battle for control of the Republican Party. I like what he wrote about Ted Cruz. Cruz really is a champion for conservatives. For those of you at Red State who are much more politically astute than I am what do you think of Spengler’s conclusion?

    Rally for Rush…a must read

    This article: today at the American Spectator gives quite a lot of detail on the effort to shut Rush Limbaugh down. I must admit I have not listened to Rush much this year but I nevertheless do want to defend free speech and resist the efforts of leftist organizations to shut down conservatives!! Another startling article this Monday morning was this:

    James Delingpole “Why I’m rooting for Barack Obama”

    James Delingpole writes for the London Telegraph. Through a website I suscribe to I a came across his blog this morning. This article is worth reading. It is a cry from across the Atlantic about the perils of electing Mitt Romney. Delingpole wrote, “Because I’ve seen what happens, America, when you elect yet another spineless, yet ruthless, principle-free blow-with-the-wind, big government, crony-capitalist RINO squish. | Read More »

    Why Bill Daley left the White House….

    Clarice Feldman has a great article today at the American Thinker… It appears from this article that Valerie Jarrett is really running things. I remember this article: “Obama’s Women Reveal His Secret” February 6, 2008 by Spengler at the Asia Times. Women have shaped Obama and even now after reading Feldman’s article this morning I am convinced he is being led by them.

    The Discipline of Disappointment….

    My books are my friends. At different times I turn to different ones and these days I have opened one entitled “The Disciplines of Life” by V. Raymond Edman. “The Discipline of Disappointment” is the chapter I have been looking at over and over. Edman begins: “Who has not experienced the depths of discouragement that come from the stinging defeat of eager expectations, the merciless | Read More »

    L’histoire d’une femme remarquable….

    I realize that speaking French makes conservative Americans suspicious. France is socialist. However, there is one story that I will never forget, that is the story of Marie Durand. Most Americans have never heard of her. This above is a link to a brief summary of her life. I visited La Tour du Constance at Aigues-Mortes. Aigues-Mortes means “bitter death”. Located at the mouth | Read More »

    Tony Blankley dies at 63

    The Washington Times had this article yesterday: I was saddened just now to learn of Mr. Blankely’s death. I did not where to insert this link in the thread of posts and so just made a diary entry.

    More news of China…from an unexpected source!! This story is posted on the World Socialist Website!! The title is “Police besiege village land protest in China” It is an excellent article. Tiananmen Square happened 21 years ago. There was no Facebook then. The government was able to contain the protests. Now there is the internet and the bursting housing bubble and inflation with the price of rice rising. Will they be | Read More »

    Newt Gingrich and the National ID card

    I posted a link to this article yesterday in a thread I had not known what happened with the issue of the National ID card. This article gives insight into what happened and how it was stopped. Newt Gingrich tried his best to get it through in an underhanded way. This morning I searched online to see if I could find the audio of | Read More »

    Imagine the Democratic Convention in an anti-union, right-to-work state…. The party of the Unions chose a state with the lowest unionization rate in the country as the place to hold their convention. Whose idea was that? Just how successful do you think the Democratic convention will be? Obama had hoped to win North Carolina. Talk about strategic mistakes!! Of course, this is very cheerful news!!