Just a guy in Austin - in Texas. Pretty damn lucky actually. Especially the 'in Texas' part.


    So you believe in AGW?

    So you believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming? The theory that man’s activities are the primary and dominant driver for any increase in global temperature and that this increase is a bad thing?  Is that correct? OK. You also believe that if only we – as a human population – would greatly reduce the production and release of so-called greenhouse gases, we could then stop and | Read More »

    Seeing the candidate we want in the candidate we choose

    On Jeff Ward’s radio show yesterday in Austin (KLBJ), a caller commented on the differences between Rick Perry, Ron Paul and Herman Cain and also why the former has a shot at the nomination and Presidency, but the latter two do not. In essence, he said that Paul and Cain both spoke directly and clearly on where they stood and how they believed, whereas Perry | Read More »

    Pawlenty Now Officially Running for VP

    (or “Tim Pawlenty doubles-down on wimpy”) That’s my take on his attack on Michelle Bachmann: I actually agree with much of his criticism in terms of her experience and I value his executive experience.  However, instead of attacking #2 Bachmann, he should be aggressively attacking #1 Romney and our current disaster-in-training: Obama. This nation needs a rock-solid, no-apologies, take-no-prisoners, Conservative leader as POTUS. If Pawlenty | Read More »

    Rangel on Debt: “What would Jesus do?”

    (via Drudge) “Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., called out for his fellow lawmakers and all Americans to do “the Lord’s work” as a solution to fixing the debt ceiling.” <snip> “These are not political questions,” Rangel asserted. “These are moral questions.” <snip> Rangel continues to ask, “what would Jesus do?” *** Really? Like most Liberals who claim the a la carte religious mantel, he focuses | Read More »

    Al Gore-Please run again. It’s your turn.

    Al Gore has opened the door for lefty criticism of President Obama on his environmental stewardship, specifically regarding Climate Change/Global Warming: As Politico says “his open attack on Obama from the man who was once the next president of the United States makes it safe for others to follow.”  [italics added- they just can’t let go can they?] This can only hurt Obama’s chances….so | Read More »

    I don’t care if you are re-elected

    GOP Senator.  Congressman. Congresswoman. Governor. State Legislator. Elected official: I don’t care about your polling.  I don’t care if you want to be re-elected.  I don’t care if you are defeated and have to rejoin the civilian world. All I care about is that you fight the fight.  Work your a** off to decrease the size, scope, cost and intrusiveness of government. Help restore our | Read More »

    Thank You, Senator Shelby

    I had an interesting experience this past Sunday.  I was traveling from Austin to Houston to catch a connecting flight.  After having my boarding pass scanned I walked down the jet way and ended up behind a fellow who was a couple inches taller than I, probably 6’4″. We did not speak and boarded the aircraft, yet I recall there being something distinctive about the | Read More »

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    Irony, thy name is ‘Uncle’

    The quote is innocuous enough: “I am puzzled by intelligent people who stand by and allow their country to be taken over and run by extreme radical types,” Payne said. “I’m still somewhat puzzled by that. And I am fully aware that it could happen and has almost happened in this country. You know, I lived through the McCarthy era in the 1950s, when it | Read More »

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    From My Pastor

    Below is the body of a recent letter from my Pastor. This year we have the privilege of shaping our government through the exercise of our right to vote. We respect the separation of church and state. Both have their rightful autonomy as they pursue their distinct functions. The mission of the Church is the salvation of souls and the Kingdom of God. The mission | Read More »

    For All You Depressed, Defeatist Poll Addicts:

    The last few days were stomach churning for me as multiple diaries began echoing the doom and gloom meme and ‘all is lost, run for the hills’. One even front paged our guaranteed defeat. Without going through all the “it aint over ’til it’s over” pap, let me just say: Keep your chin up and read this: The Left’s Big Blunder all the way through | Read More »