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I am like so many Tea Partyers who have been drawn into the political realm to take an axe to the root of the tyrannical monstrosity our federal government has become. With God, all things are possible...


    The Watercooler ~ Meet Bibi the Bibisitter

    I stumbled upon this campaign commercial a few weeks ago and it was so hilarious I must have watched it twenty times. Bibi doesn’t look too worried about the upcoming election, does he? Enjoy and have a great weekend. The Watercooler is always an open thread.

    The Watercooler ~ Bibi’s Historic Speech Open Thread

    The Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal has provided a YouTube video that will broadcast Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s historic address to a joint session of Congress this morning. Thought I would put it up for those who want to watch and comment. Be blessed, Bibi.

    The Watercooler ~ PoliticalPews

    Anyone who really knows me from my writings at RedState knows that my faith informs my political views. I have been writing diaries here for over three years and — like many of you — struggle with how to incorporate biblical values back into the political discourse in the public square. It is a huge failure on the part of the church that we have | Read More »

    The Watercooler ~ Should Justices Ginsburg and Kagan Recuse Themselves From Gay Marriage Case?

    There is much legitimate criticism of the main stream press for their biased reporting. Not only are most of the stories covered written by liberal journalists from a liberal point of view, if they could be charged with criminal neglect or gross negligence for ignoring or refusing to cover stories of serious misconduct, or possible illegal behavior by Democrats in government, a lot of them | Read More »

    The Watercooler ~ RedSection

    Thought it was time to stop by RedState and let you know what mischief I have gotten myself into. In the past, I have agonized regarding feeling stuck in a state that has politically fallen completely off the deep end. For a person such as myself, whom I sometimes describe as being “born conservative,” watching the gradual demise and takeover of California by the wretched | Read More »

    The Watercooler ~ Unto Us a Child Is Born

    Thank God we live in America. Though she is currently bruised and battered and struggling to recover her true identity, along comes the celebration of celebrations to remind us of things that truly matter — in this world and in this life. No leftist ideology or hatred spewed from the mouths of the ignorant and the arrogant can extinguish the Light of Christ, nor prevent | Read More »

    The Watercooler ~ Psst…GOP…get a clue, it’s time to seize the narrative already

    Hey, GOP! Listen up. We are all watching what you are going to do with your newly won power. Most of us in the sane, sober and non-naive conservative/tea party wing of the party, don’t trust the establishment as far as we can throw them. Not only that, we realize that you are even more capable of leading from behind than Obama. Especially when true | Read More »

    The Watercooler ~ Eleven Tea Party Backed New Members in Congress

    If you are like me, the stunning wins for the Republican Party on Tuesday are taking time to absorb. There were so many wins across the nation that it will be a while before we understand fully what took place on the ground — up close and personal. For this morning, I want to draw from the Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal article regarding the eleven | Read More »

    The Watercooler ~ Go Ahead And Dance…

    What else can I say? Just dance today. And celebrate. And dance some more. Then say, “Hallelujah!” Most infuriatingly hypocritical comment of the night from the now fired : “The message from voters is clear: They want us to work together. I look forward to working with to get things done for the middle class.” Made me wanna scream. The Watercooler is always an open | Read More »

    The Watercooler ~ General Election 2014 Open Thread

    The big day has arrived. Some feel certain the Republicans will take back the Senate — easily. Others are not so sure. And we may not know the answer today if a couple races require run-offs. Ace of Spades HQ Decision Desk will keep you as informed as possible when the polls close and the counting begins. Have a great day and use this thread | Read More »