On Todd Akin, the alternative media, and the call to leadership

    We’ve seen it happen time and again. An earnest neophyte graduate student publishes her first scientific paper identifying evidence of a newly identified correlation or trend. Maybe it’s another compound that can be associated with increased cancer risk, or a newly observed environmental impact of some common industrial byproduct. A few weeks later some newspaper that’s looking to fill white space reports on the study | Read More »

    Eliminating fraud, waste and abuse

    So the claim is that the hundreds of billions of dollars in Medicare savings will come from elimination of “fraud, waste and abuse.” And the Obama team will point to things like the Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Action Team (HEAT) and the Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control Account (HCFAC). They’ve got the small examples of savings in fraud and abuse, but clearly | Read More »

    A word on guns and gun nuts…

    In the discussion of gun laws that has followed the unfortunate events in Colorado, we once again see a lack of general appreciation for the founders’ reasoning that underlies our second amendment. On the one side, we have folks who think that the second amendment is about hunting deer and maybe having a handgun for personal protection. On the other hand, we have folks who | Read More »


    Newt should have hit the lobbying charge out of the park yesterday

    Newt should have been able to hit another home run on that exchange about lobbying last night. Here is a very simple formula for setting the record straight. 1. Mitt either doesn’t know what lobbying is all about or is taking advantage of the fact that most of the public doesn’t know what lobbying is all about. 2. Newt’s company was engaged in teaching its | Read More »

    South Carolina and Florida: What’s the Story?

    Heading into South Carolina and Florida, the media is pushing the narrative that those primaries will allow Romney to seal his victory. For the remaining viable challengers to have any chance, this narrative needs to change. According to RCP, the SC and FL polling currently looks like: SC: 31.3 Romney, 20.7 Santorum, 19.7 Gingrich, 10.7 Paul, 5.0 Perry, 2.3 Huntsman FL: 33.0 Romney, 25.0 Gingrich, | Read More »


    Hope for the future? Not all kids are as ignorant as the Occupy crowd.

    We’re always hearing about the failures of modern civics education. Well here are a couple of anecdotes to give you a glimmer of hope. On Thursday evening, I brought home Chinese food. My five-year-old daughter’s fortune cookie read “Go above and beyond your duty. You will benefit from it.” She smiled and said “that’s what we learned about for Veteran’s Day.” She also told us | Read More »

    My take away from the debate: perhaps the ideal presidency

    Perhaps we need an administration in which Newt develops the ideas and works the mechanics but Cain keeps the administration grounded and sells the vision to the masses. It’s too bad they’re both from Georgia.

    The O’Donnellfication of Herman Cain?

    There is one line of political attack in this primary election that all RedStaters should unite against — the poison pill.  The Democrats control the Senate right now because Republicans allowed Republicans to wage and tolerate the waging of poison pill attacks.  If any of us allow our strategy to be that of making a particular opponent “damaged goods,” trusting that disqualification will follow in | Read More »

    Can Herman Cain fire anyone?

    The sexual harassment story has now diverged into two distinct lines.  Aside from the reports of the various allegations, there is this notion that the past week should serve as some sort of exemplar of Cain’s ability to handle a crisis.  It is the latter storyline that is clearly the most damaging. It is clear that Cain’s opponents have seized upon him at the most | Read More »

    Obamacare: A Back-Door Origination Clause Argument

    The Constitution states that “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.”  In the months following the passage of Obamacare, many have remarked that while the “revenue bill” may have improperly originated in the Senate, the courts have established the precedent that most origination clause arguments are out-of-bounds | Read More »