Bailout Coming for Madoff Investors?

    The SEC chairman blames his staff of career regulators (staff attorneys) for not investigating Madoff.  I guess that’s $50 billion bucks that won’t be stopping at the top. According to an AP article posted on Yahoo “In a stunning rebuke, the Securities and Exchange Commission chairman blames his career regulators for a decade-long failure to investigate Wall Street money manager Bernard L. Madoff, now accused of | Read More »


    Today is the anniversary of the signing of the Bill of Rights. I think it is very appropriate to link a copy of it here on Redstate since you are among the few people who still appreciate its content.   So many of our rights are being violated, maybe it would be a good idea if we all sent a copy to everyone on our | Read More »

    Rahm headed under the bus?

    Patriotroom has an interesting story Sounds like Rahm may be heading for under the bus. I can’t believe how fast this new administration is falling apart.  Gee, where is the main stream media on this major story? Now we have to get the really interesting news from foreign papers. Of course if the msm had reported the facts before the election … no that would be too much | Read More »

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    Gov. Palin You Have Nothing To Apologize For

    According to the Anchorage Daily News  the church that Sarah Palin and her family attends in Wasilla fell victim to a fire and apparently arson is strongly suspected. The church sustained about one million dollars in damages. There were a few church members inside at the time the fire broke out and they exited unharmed.   What struck me was that Palin went to | Read More »


    Fran Drescher For US Senate

    Hey, why not, at least she really is a New Yorker, accent and all. New York Magazine tells us Fran Drescher wants Hillary’s seat;   She has more life experience than Caroline Kennedy and she certainly knows how to get down with the folks because she is one of them. Plus, Drescher has had to actually work for a living and earn her position | Read More »

    Will we prove him right or wrong?

    No doubt many of you have read “Witness” by Whittaker Chambers. It explains one person’s journey into and, eventually, out of Communism. Chambers tells us that men do not become Communists because they embrace the philosophy. They embrace it, because of their insecurities during times of economic hardship and war. That’s why the rhetoric of this past campaign is very disturbing. The glorious government as | Read More »

    Little Misguided Congeniality

    Gorby has decided to weigh in on the election like a Little Misguided He tells us that we need to improve relations with Russia by urging “Obama to muster his courage” and reconsider the decision to station missile defense sites in Poland and the Czech Republic.” We shouldn’t take it personal that about five minutes after the election “Russian President Dmitry Medvedev threatened to | Read More »


    I grew up in a family of war veterans, so we watched a steady stream of war movies. Anyone who has watched these movies knows the meaning of the word “Bailout.” For some unexplained reason, it was always said three times; BAILOUT! BAILOUT! BAILOUT! I guess they kept repeating it in case anyone on the plane was unaware of the seriousness of the situation (as | Read More »


    Go Ahead, Laugh If You Want To But …

    I really believe there are going to be some surprises tonight. I believe McCain will win Blue States; PA, NH, ME & of all places NJ! This is one strange election!

    O is NO Kennedy!

    Wow! Don’t see this everyday,a Liberal Democrat giving GOP campaign speeches in Manhattan! Former Robert Kennedy NY Campaign Manager campaigning for McCain! The landslide is coming! If this link doesn’t work go to to view it. GOTV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!