I am not a reporter of any sort. I write my opinion and commentary from the perspective of a "normal" person. I am a voter, a taxpayer, a small-business owner, veteran, and all around news junkie. I am not an academic elite, I have no formal journalism training. My goal is to write from my perspective of common sense and love of country. All my posts will probably be somewhat controversial, but thats what happens when you write an opinion piece; opinions differ.


    Eliminate Federal Gas Taxes

    The question remains: “How do we fund road projects if the Federal Government is no longer providing funds or collecting taxes to pay for the projects?” The answer is very simple. Allow states to determined the appropriate tax rate on a gallon of gas based on the transportation needs and priorities of that state.

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    The 9th Circus

    Fox News was running a story on February 2nd on five (in a row) recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions that overturned decisions of the ultra-liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The 9th Circuit – sometimes dubbed the “9th Circus” due to the number of rulings that make a normal person just scratch their head and wonder just how many martinis were consumed before they reached | Read More »

    Kudos Mr. President

    Somehow the wrath of Al Qaeda, and other extremists was based on the United States, who “for no reason” invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, and was actively grabbing innocent Muslims, and throwing them in a U.S. operated “torture” facility in Cuba. I guess 9/11 must be just a forgotten crisis that was “wasted” to Obama and the left. (Mr. Obama, Rahm Emanual would not be happy with you disregarding his advice on how to use a crisis. Shame, shame, you should have known better. . .)

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    CEO of the Century?

    Somehow when these terms are substituted; turning this bankrupt and broken corporation into the equally bankrupt and broken United States Government, we suddenly lose all of our financial, business, and common-sense decision-making abilities. Financial experts, academic elites, and the media suddenly transform from analytical fact-seekers and objective journalists to political cheerleaders and professional stenographers.

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    Axelrod: “We’ve Learned Some Lessons”

    Now that over two years have gone by, I think that Obama will have a more difficult time rallying these uniformed an infrequent voters to support him. Many of those voters were poor, and minorities, who by now have realized their Mr. Obama’s promises have not materialized. Roughly double the number of previously supportive voters for Mr. Obama are currently unemployed compared to 2007-2008.

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    Cheap Food – Not Any More. . .

    What MSNBC fails to mention is that corn prices are significantly higher all over the world because what the United States used to export for food use is not turned into ethanol to be mixed with gasoline. The environmentalists pushed for years for government incentives and tax-breaks for biofuels and alternatives to petroleum based fuels. Al Gore and his gang got their wish.

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    Closing Post Offices

    Anyone who has been to the post office recently and who has been forced to stand in line for some sort of product or service has most likely experience the maddeningly slow and inefficient customer service. As someone who has lived all over the U.S. (in big cities and small towns) I can tell you my experiences are not isolated incidents. While the staff behind the counter may be friendly enough, they simply are not in a hurry to to anything. After all why should they? They are union members being paid a government salary with some of the best healthcare and retirement benefits in public service. They get paid whether the line stretches out the door or whether there are no customers at all.

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    Senate Proposal Would Amend Constitution

    A Senate proposal introduced by Rand Paul (R-KY) and David Vitter (R-LA) would amend the constitution to prohibit children of illegal immigrants from gaining automatic citizenship unless certain conditions are met.

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    Obama: “Innovation” is Key.

    With few exceptions, American companies are forced to pick overseas manufacturers to build products that will be sold here in the U.S. and in the rest of the world. The union organized labor forces here in the U.S. combined with retirement and other legacy costs put domestic manufacturing at a huge disadvantage.

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    Left Wants Public Money for Campaigns

    The Presidential Election Campaign Fund, is a relic of the past. It may have served a purpose in the days before the internet, two year long campaign cycles, 24 hour communications, and mobile phones. Not anymore.

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