Class Warfare

    Here we are America on the cusp of the greatest rejuvenation of the American philosophy if we choose to honor our heritage. There is no need to reject our philosophy

    We must reinstate individual freedom going forward.

    With such an activist federal government working outside the Constitution ( for many years in both parties) we need to safeguard our future. We must do it by reducing federal

    Social Justice

    Take a good look at SOCIAL JUSTICE or SOCIALISM and what it has brought to Greece the cradle of western civilization. The rallying cry of the unions. The practice of

    N.J. Attempts

    The recall measures over Senator Menendez will set up for a interesting ruling from the US supreme court in time. With the recent flap over violence against elected officials blaming

    The Right To Health Care II

    I Just watched a congresswomen Ms. Lee 18th district of Texas claim health care is a RIGHT. I thought it would be worth repeating some past arguments on the subject.

    Hide in Shame

    If the senate bill passes tonight.  Mr. President sign this monstrosity in the dark of night in the shadows. That is what you deserve the way this was done. This

    The Speaker says she never stops whipping.

    That comment shows me how business is done in Washington, not quality with the best interest of the country in mind. What a rational congressional or administrative individual would question

    Justice Thomas and Intimidation

    My god have the left reached the point and sunk that low in attacking the wife of a supreme court justice to push there socialist agenda. Any true freedom loving

    Is it the media or politics?

    I don’t see enough republican engagement (on T.V.) invalidating the problems with this existing legislation. From what is in the bill to why it needs to be passed NOW as

    The Greatest Generation

    I have been watching the recent clips about college students demanding no cuts in education and protesting in California shutting down interstate highways. There seems to be a feeling of