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    D.A. KING: Will the Republican-controlled House stop Obama’s executive amnesty with “the Price Plan?”

    “This is an article written by D.A. King from the Dustin Inman Society of Georgia, He requested I post this on RedState for him.  It’s in regard to  ‘The Price Plan’. ” December 1, 2014 Ten Days in December Will the Republican-controlled House stop Obama’s executive amnesty with “the Price Plan?” D.A. King The next ten days will provide a great deal of insight into the backbone of | Read More »

    @BlueBloods_CBS and their #AntiCatholic #Bigotry #BlueBloods

    Many Catholic organizations including the Catholic League For Religious and Civil Rights have given high praise to the show Blue Bloods on CBS as “One of the few TV shows on the broadcast networks to treat Catholicism fairly…” . It’s too bad that this past Friday night’s  episode “Burning Bridges”  could be added to the Catholic League’s 2014 Report for Anti-Catholicism.  Blue Bloods has been a great show | Read More »

    John Barrow’s lies about Repealing Obamacare #ga12

    John Barrow's lies about Repealing Obamacare #ga12

    The first debate for #GA12 is in the books.    If you’ve been following this race between Democrat incumbent John Barrow and Republican businessman Rick Allen it’s been explosive.  Rick Allen’s campaign and the National Republican Congressional Committee have done an amazing job of putting John Barrow on defense.  I was listening to WGST in Atlanta online and decided to call in to the Peach | Read More »

    #MorningJoe and defining Crazy #CrazyNeverWins

    Crazy never wins. Nashville: An Evening with Russell Moore, Erick Erickson, and Joe Scarborough A Conversation on Faith, Freedom, and Culture in Our Modern World Crazy Never Wins is the topic up for discussion at the event. “Hosted by Erick Erickson Tuesday, September 16th at 7:15 PM – at Lipscomb University’s Collins Auditorium – best-selling author, former congressman and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough will appear | Read More »

    Will @GovernorPerry #RememberMississippi and Stand with us? #mssen

    Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. That’s exactly what Rick Perry did with his partnerships with Henry Barbour and Steve Schmidt. Rick Perry’s stance on illegal immigration against the Obama Administration in my mind, completely redeemed him from his flailing campaign in 2012 with those infamous words, “I don’t think you have a heart” line in defending signing a 2001 Texas law granting in-state tuition rates | Read More »

    SuperTalk Mississippi: Haley Barbour’s Propaganda Tool #mssen

    It’s basically Radio for RINOS.  Super Talk Mississippi has over 11 affiliates in the state of Mississippi.    Wow, 11 affiliates and growing they must be a profitable radio group that has great programming, ratings and revenue.  Any Talk radio station that is successful, especially in small markets like the ones SuperTalk Mississippi are found in usually have a couple of things going for them. | Read More »

    Is Joe Carr winning? Here’s Anecdotal evidence but encouraging evidence

    Is Joe Carr winning? Here’s Anecdotal evidence but encouraging evidence  

    Governor Nathan Deal needs a “Scott Walker moment”

    The latest polling shows the Governor’s race in Georgia has Governor Deal trailing Jason Carter by 8 points.  A few days ago  Erick Erickson had Governor Nathan Deal on his show in Atlanta to discuss the latest attacks on him regarding Ethics investigations.  You get the sense that the Deal campaign believes that attacks on him in regard to ethics investigations are keeping him behind in the | Read More »

    C stands for “Checkmate” in Chuck C. Johnson

    It’s been very educational and entertaining watching Chuck Johnson in action over the last couple of weeks exposing what’s happening in Mississippi. One of the things that Chuck has said that has really stuck with me in regard to media and the enemy: “First they ignore you, Then they mock you, Then they fight you, Then you win”.  MY RADIO INTERVIEW WITH CHUCK C JOHNSON | Read More »

    Will Ted Cruz endorse Jack Kingston?

    Ted Cruz will endorse Jack Kingston if history repeats itself.  Here’s why I say what I say.  I live in Southeast Georgia.  I’m an early voter and a primary voter and have voted in the runoff last year so I get called all the time at home from pollsters.  I can tell which polling organization represents Jack Kingston too.  They usually ask me about what | Read More »