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    Ted Cruz Never Punts

    TED CRUZ IS ALWAYS ON OFFENSE Ted Cruz never punts because he’s too busy staying on offense.   Cruz never allows the media to control the narrative he forces them to follow his narrative.  I think the best example of this was a while back when Cruz was on Meet The Press with Chuck Schumer.   Gregory wanted Cruz to come out one way or | Read More »

    Senator versus Governor

        If the case can be made that someone without a college education can become president, then the case can be made that a senator is just as strong if not stronger then a governor running for office.  It’s funny how we didn’t hear about how we “need a governor” and “only a governor” can get elected when and Bob Dole were the nominees.   | Read More »

    Walker’s Stadium Problem

     Scott Walker is helping conservatives coalesce behind .   Scott Walker has a lot of explaining to do when it comes to answering his past statements and positions on Common Core, amnesty, marriage and abortion.   There’s no way of escaping it and it’s just a matter of time before the vetting of these statements and positions will begin by various media outlets and statements from | Read More »

    Scott Walker: Go Big, Go Bold or Go Bust?

    CRUZ VERSUS JEB WALKER-BEE We heard an incredible speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit from Scott Walker about his fight over Public Unions in Wisconsin.  As Scott Walker put it, he went “Big and he went Bold”.  Despite people on the ground and Iowa media saying TC  ran away with this event, Fox News’ immediate headline was that Scott Walker took Iowa by Storm.  After inital | Read More »

    Ted Cruz destroys the media….then..he goes to work on them

    How many times have you watched a left wing anchor have a Republican on CNN, MSNBC, CBS or NBC news and you are getting angry and uncomfortable?  I’ve been there a million times.  We get uncomfortable and angry because that Republican is doing a terrible job defending the party and conservatism.   They either dodge the question and come up with a weak answer or | Read More »

    Ted Cruz and the March 1st Challenge

    Steve Deace put together an article that would put a knot in any conservative’s stomach for 2016.   In 2012 the rules were changed at the convention to pave the way for the Establishment for 2016.    Here’s what Steve Deace’s “little birdie” from inside the RNC tells him.   “Look closer at the rules and you’ll see this is tailor-made for Jeb Bush 2016,” | Read More »

    Ted Cruz will not be President

    Ted Cruz can’t win.  There are many myths about Ted Cruz being unable to win.  Silly myths generated by Americans who have been evangelized by the culture and the media.  Ted Cruz can’t win because he will be “Sarah Palanized” by the media and won’t have a chance in a national election because of it.  Let’s tackle this myth and tear it out root and | Read More »

    D.A. KING: Will the Republican-controlled House stop Obama’s executive amnesty with “the Price Plan?”

    “This is an article written by D.A. King from the Dustin Inman Society of Georgia, He requested I post this on RedState for him.  It’s in regard to  ‘The Price Plan’. ” December 1, 2014 Ten Days in December Will the Republican-controlled House stop Obama’s executive amnesty with “the Price Plan?” D.A. King The next ten days will provide a great deal of insight into the backbone of | Read More »

    @BlueBloods_CBS and their #AntiCatholic #Bigotry #BlueBloods

    Many Catholic organizations including the Catholic League For Religious and Civil Rights have given high praise to the show Blue Bloods on CBS as “One of the few TV shows on the broadcast networks to treat Catholicism fairly…” . It’s too bad that this past Friday night’s  episode “Burning Bridges”  could be added to the Catholic League’s 2014 Report for Anti-Catholicism.  Blue Bloods has been a great show | Read More »

    John Barrow’s lies about Repealing Obamacare #ga12

    John Barrow's lies about Repealing Obamacare #ga12

    The first debate for #GA12 is in the books.    If you’ve been following this race between Democrat incumbent John Barrow and Republican businessman Rick Allen it’s been explosive.  Rick Allen’s campaign and the National Republican Congressional Committee have done an amazing job of putting John Barrow on defense.  I was listening to WGST in Atlanta online and decided to call in to the Peach | Read More »