Gov. Deal and Lt. Gov. Cagle are being pressured to kill our bill

The People are being betrayed by politicians in Atlanta – this just happened:

HB707 (Nullify Obamacare) passed the Senate Rules Committee this morning. What happened next should make you angry and ready to take action! Lame-duck Republican Senator Cecil Staton made a motion to table the bill, it was seconded by Democrat Senator Steve Henson. They effectively killed the People’s bill that has already passed the House and has only two legislative days left to become law. Only an uprising by the People can resuscitate it. The process requires HB707 go before the Senate Rules Committee AGAIN!

For now, begin to contact every member of the Senate Rules Committee and demand HB707 be moved out AND SENT TO THE SENATE FLOOR FOR A FULL VOTE. Our activist friends on the scene are requesting that all of us show up at the state capitol Tuesday morning at 10 am to fill the halls and pressure our legislators to act.

HHS Secy. Sibelius was in Atlanta last week flashing $millions for “Medicaid expansion.” Big-money-lobbyists and the Chamber of Commerce are coercing Gov. Deal and Lt. Gov. Casey to cave to fed gov. We the People must stand in the gap to stop Obamacare.

First, call the governor and lt. gov. offices:

Gov. Nathan Deal 404-656-1776

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle 404-656-5030

Then call and/or email the Senate Rules Committee. Your message: “Senator, please pass HB 707 to the Senate for a full vote.“

Jeff Mullis (Chairman) — 404-656-0057- jeff.mullis@senate.ga.gov

Ross Tolleson (Vice-Chairman) — 404-656-0081 – ross.tolleson@senate.ga.gov

Bill Jackson (Secretary) — 404-651- 7738 –bill.jackson@senate.ga.gov

Jack Hill — 404-656-5038 – jack.hill@senate.ga.gov

Fran Millar — 404-463-2260 – fran.millar@senate.ga.gov

Jack Murphy — 404-656-7127 – jack.murphy@senate.ga.gov

Renee Unterman – 404-463-1368- renee.unterman@senate.ga.gov

Ronnie Chance — 404-463-1366 –ronnie.chance@senate.ga.gov

Steve Gooch – 404-656-9221 – steve.gooch@senate.ga.gov

Judson Hill — 404-656-0150 – judson@judsonhill.com

Butch Miller — 404-656-6578 – butch.miller@senate.ga.gov

David Shafer — 404-656-0048 – david.shafer@senate.ga.gov

Cecil Staton – 404-656-5039 – cecil.staton@senate.ga.gov

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