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    Faux outrage over Palin Baptism Waterboarding Comments

    So we are seeing a deluge of media making a big deal of Sarah Palin’s comments at the NRA where she said “water-boarding is how we baptize terrorists.”  The thing that makes me angry is not so much the left wing media coming unglued about her statements, but somehow Christians feel the need to be outraged over the baptism reference and consider it sacrilegious. Example HERE and HERE. | Read More »

    John Stone: leading the #FireBoehner charge in #GA12 *DEBATE VIDEOS

    If you’ve been following the GA12 Congressional race in Southeast Georgia, you will find clear contrasts between John Stone and the rest of the candidates.  There’s many that don’t like John Stone in my neck of the woods for purely personality reasons.  Perhaps because he’s not playing the Southern Hospitality game like he should in Southeast Georgia.   Debate #1 for the GA12 GOP primary was | Read More »

    David Perdue’s Foot In Mouth Disease

    I wanted to share this from my Teaparty friend in Georgia who wrote this about David Perdue: Open letter to David Perdue, candidate for U.S. Senate from Georgia. First, let me say that I am completely appalled by your elitist, demeaning comments regarding Karen Handel being a high school graduate. I don’t have a college degree either and your comments were an affront to me | Read More »

    Why Incremental-ism has failed National Right To Life

    I’ve been following the current debate between Georgia Right To Life and the Georgia Life Alliance and I wanted to share some perspective from my friend Pastor Cary Gordon.  I myself am a Calvinist and I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says regarding Calvinism in this article but I believe he makes the case.   He wrote an article on how taking the “incrementalist ” side of | Read More »

    All work On The Ark and No Play Makes Noah a Dull Boy

    When I first heard about Noah I was fairly optimistic.  Like Erick Erickson, I really wanted to see this film but there was a lot of buzz in Evangelical circles that this film was going to be about Environmentalism and not God’s judgment and evident biblical themes in the movie.  Where was this buzz coming from?  Apparently almost a year ago there was a special | Read More »

    Running Interference for Common Core in Georgia

    There’s a lot of media narratives and boogie men being created by state and national media during the fight over Common Core being waged in Georgia.   One of the tactics being used by the media is isolating the critics of Common Core by demonizing the fringe elements of the Anti-Common Core Movement.   It’s serves as a great distraction from addressing the real concerns over Common | Read More »


    Gov. Deal and Lt. Gov. Cagle are being pressured to kill our bill The People are being betrayed by politicians in Atlanta – this just happened: HB707 (Nullify Obamacare) passed the Senate Rules Committee this morning. What happened next should make you angry and ready to take action! Lame-duck Republican Senator Cecil Staton made a motion to table the bill, it was seconded by Democrat | Read More »

    CALL NOW!!! GA’s HB1051 Illegal Immigration Betrayal

    The Georgia state Senate will vote on HB 1051 soon. That horrible bill must be defeated by any Republicans left in the legislature that still care about illegal immigration in Georgia. HB 1051 should never have been allowed out of the House. The way it is written now, it would allow the illegal aliens who the Republican-controlled state Senate has voted to allow to continue | Read More »

    Paul Broun on His Way To Victory *AUDIO INTERVIEW W/ PAUL BROUN*

     Well Well Well.  It looks like not only the Establishment’s head is exploding but Neil (vote for Darwin over knuckle dragger Paul Broun) Boortz may have just had a massive coronary to go with it.    The latest poll shows huge momentum for Paul Broun in the Georgia US Senate Race. “The poll, commissioned by the lefty guerrilla group Better Georgia, has Rep. Paul Broun of | Read More »

    Replace Boehner with Tip O’Neill

    We saw this past week Boehner and McConnell do what they do best, cave to democrats.  They promised a fight on the debt ceiling and gave Obama everything he wanted and got nothing in return.  They cried foul when Ted Cruz forced them to put their cards on the table.  The end result: completely exposed for the weak, gutless inept Obama enablers that they are. | Read More »