Healthcare Redux: Mainstream Media Outdoing Themselves

    For the past week I have seen repeated, dishonest stories in the mainstream media “reporting” on the “fact” most Americans are positive about the health care “reform” that has been passed.  Typical is a recent Los Angeles Times article asserting (based upon no hard facts) “most” Californians like the new “reform” of health care and cheerfully overlooking the fact “most” Californians have no idea what | Read More »

    What Will Medicine in America Look Like in 2014?

    I am trying to get a grip on what medicine will look like in America in the year 2014 after the “reform” has had a chance to kick-in.  On the obvious side every adult will be under a mandate to purchase health insurance.  On the less obvious side private employers will have scaled back what they are willing to cover.  But what kind of coverage | Read More »