Lisa Baker Graas is a "Generation X" conservative Catholic mom of four who writes about American culture and politics.


    Johnson Picking Up Steam in Kentucky Senate Race

    Bill Johnson, who claims to be the only “Reagan conservative”, non-establishment candidate in Kentucky’s GOP primary for U.S. Senate, may be picking up steam, if recent polls are any indication. An independent poll conducted by a California firm on or about December 16 shows Johnson leading in one of four Kentucky regions and leading among all women statewide. Overall, the poll has Johnson at 17% | Read More »

    Palin and Obama: Different Approaches on Energy

    Governor Sarah Palin has an Op-Ed today at Newsminer which gives a very basic overview of the process by which her administration and the Legislature are searching for a way to bring affordable energy to as many Alaskans as possible. The op-ed mainly addresses the issue of an in-state gasline to help Alaskans see lower energy costs and offers information on the current step in | Read More »

    Governor Palin Cites Alaska Constitution in Stimulus Veto

    Governor Sarah Palin has vetoed $28.6 million in stimulus funds, the portion of the stimulus package that included a mandate for local governments to adopt federally defined building codes. If she had accepted this funding, it would have been an unconstitutional usurpation of power from local government. Governor Palin’s position is that as Governor she does not have the authority, from a Constitutional standpoint, to | Read More »

    Notre Dame’s Decision and the Voice of the Pope

    There seems to be a vague notion among non-Catholics, and sometimes even among Catholics themselves, that somehow the lack of a statement from the Pope himself on the decision by Notre Dame University to honor President Obama indicates that he is either supportive of the decision or that the issue of whether or not the President should have been honored by a Catholic institution is | Read More »

    Obama’s Abortion Language

    This morning I was dismayed to learn about Obama’s statements on abortion yesterday which are a far cry from what we’ve heard from him consistently up until now on this issue. Or are they? Those who keep close tabs on these things are able to read between the lines and recognize immediately that this is just more propaganda or, as they call it, “messaging strategy“. | Read More »

    Obama’s Chilling Reflection on the Holocaust

    Note: Please see an update at the end of this article for information on how to be a part of the solution to the agenda described herein. Tonight, I read the passage below to my ten-year-old daughter and asked her what the speaker, whom I did not name, is referring to. Her answer follows. “It is the grimmest of ironies that one of the most | Read More »

    Beckel Declares Culture War Over

    In what is arguably one of the most blatant pieces of propaganda yet issued from the Left, Bob Beckel, an Obama mouthpiece who frequently appears on Fox News to give the President’s point of view on issues, has declared that the Culture War has “all but disappeared”. Here’s just one of several outrageous comments made in Beckel’s latest column at Fox News. [T]he old right-wing | Read More »

    Sarah Palin’s Choice

    Ruth Marcus, writing in the Washington Post, opines that Sarah Palin made “an eloquent case for choice” during her speech at the annual banquet of Vanderburgh County Right to Life. Below is the comment I left in response to her claim. ~~~ If you were writing in the 17th century, I would certainly understand why you might be uncertain about when human life begins. There | Read More »

    Palin Travels Beyond Alaska Border; Liberals Freak Out

    Yet another outrageously frivolous “ethics complaint” has been filed against Governor Sarah Palin — baseless, as usual. Conservatives4Palin has the full story. Please do read it because knowledge of truth is power. You know, when I get a lot of liberal hate mail, I know I’m doing my job. Governor Palin, congratulations on generating the most outrageous outflux of hatred from liberals since the Reagan | Read More »