Ohio’s attempt at Universal Healthcare

    Admin Options Feature Edit Post Edit Your Tags Cancel Delete Post Edit Blog Posts I was suffering from insomnia and hoped reading through the proposed Ohio universal health care bill would help me sleep, but as you will see the details kept me up. Sec. 3922.04. (A) The Ohio health care board is responsible for directing the Ohio health care agency in the performance of | Read More »

    Why National Security is so important

    Why is national security so important to us but not President Obama?  President Obama seems to think that world issues are not important enough to demand his full attention, Instead he is determined to remake America in the Image of Western Europe. Here are a few reasons that national security is important. 1. Radical Islam. There are currently 55 conflicts going on in the world involving | Read More »

    What First Amendment?

        Well it seems that the government is taking notice of the tea parties, even if the media is not.  In Florida the government as canceled a tea party because the feared too many people would show up.  Well it seems to me that there is a little thing called the right to peacably asememble,  I seem to remember reading about it some were???  were was that  again??? | Read More »

    The arrogance of our President

    I am sure that you all caught the bailout fiasco, AIG has paid millions in bonuses to its employs and the self righteous governing class is outraged. Well I am outraged as well but for so many different reason’s. How dare the POTUS tell a private company that they can not pay bonuses that are due its employee’s, the president has no authority make those | Read More »

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    some thoughts on fascism….

    In case the white house is reading this i love Obama, Ok now that that is out of the way it is amazing how far the counrty has gone in 6 weeks.  it used to be patriotic to critize the president and say that the presidents lies and people die.  Now six weks latter everything the president does is the right thing and is going to save | Read More »

    Let the big three fail!

    While bailoutpaloza continues I have to put in my two cents on the proposed auto bailout. I truly believe that if we bail out the auot industry now it will be the end of the big three. You may ask why is that? how can that be the talking heads say that if we do not bail them out it will be the end and | Read More »

    Bail out Circuit City

    Will the bail outs ever end? so now we are bailing out American express, gee that’s great. So where do we go now, the big three will be bailed out I am sure. So why not bail out circuit city, i like to shop at circuit city so it should be bailed out, heck starbucks is starting to struggle lets bail them out I sure | Read More »

    Now is the begining for the true conservative’s

    What is done is done, but i do not believe that means there should not be some finger pointing. First:I believe that we did not have a chance with Mccain as our standard bearer, he was and is a blue blood republican not a conservative and because of that we did not have a chance. Second: In the last thirty years the only times the | Read More »


    Is it possible there are conservative’s left?

    While the short term future of the economy may have taken a hit today with the house vote, i beileve that the NEA vote was a yeah vote for capitalism and against western european socialism type economies. I do not kid my self the next year is going to be a horrible economic’s situation but at least now when we recover we will still be | Read More »