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    Trump vs Hillary? “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

    After Ted Cruz’s graceful exit speech, of course the “lets unite” calls begin in the GOP, and while normally that is reasonable thing to do, with Trump the dishonest charlatan and interloper, that is all wrong. Trump deserves no such consideration. Let me answer this challenge to those who whine ‘but you’ll let Hillary win’. I say this: “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a | Read More »

    If Cruz loses Indiana, Cruz should Withdraw

    If Cruz loses Indiana, and it seems polls have indicated as much, Ted Cruz will not be the Republican nominee. I state that not as a probability, but a certainty – Cruz’ remaining slim chance to win  goes to zero if he loses Indiana. If this happens, Cruz should withdraw. While Erickson has been on-target on many things, he was wrong in September to call it | Read More »

    The Long Con

    Donald Trump has run the most unusual and unorthodox primary campaign, but with the benefits of a celebrity candidate and a say-anything populist message that contradicted his life as a cronyist New York establishment donor class insider, he is on track to becoming the nominee.  So what just happened? This story suggests that Donald Trump and the Black, Manafort and Stone team have used prior | Read More »

    The First Ballot Delegate Math

    For those who just want the bottom-line, here it is: If Cruz wins Indiana and holds Trump under 100 delegates in California, he can hold Trump to 1190 delegates and win the nomination! But he needs every single delegate he can find, and there is no room for error on either side. Data beats opinion when it comes to answering the question: What does it | Read More »

    Kasich Remains a Spoiler, a Loser, and Trump’s best hope for Victory

    What purpose does Kasich serve at this point? Since Rubio withdrew from the race in mid-March, Kasich, on the strength of his sole home-state win, stayed in. And while Cruz has garnered over 100 delegates in WI, UT, CO and WY, and Trump got a 100 delegates, mainly out of New York, Kasich got 3 whole delegates. Kasich is STILL running 4th in a 3 | Read More »

    This is the week that Ted Cruz won the Republican nomination

    This is the week that Ted Cruz won the Republican nomination

    Just over a month ago, after Trump’s big win in Nevada and after Cruz’s SEC state southern strategy fell short amidst the Trump tidal wave across the south,  it looked like Trump had the momentum to prevail against a fractured field.  Trump thought it was over, and was confident enough to hold unifying post-primary press conference events like a President. As more March contests took place | Read More »

    The One Rule to avoid Convention Chaos

    Consider a fate worse than even a bad candidate becoming the nominee. Consider this: After 5 days and 9 days, the convention is deadlocked. Delegates with lives and jobs are ready to go return to them, but there is no breaking the logjam between an adamant Trump contingent, a Cruz near-majority and a rump set of Kasich holdouts waiting it out. Choas becomes worse when | Read More »

    Donald Trump’s Todd Akin Moment

    In 2012, Todd Akin went into an interview, got asked some tough, leading questions, and …blew it. Todd Akin’s campaign died on the heels of him stupidly declaring that ‘legitimate rape’ victims rarely get pregnant, raising questions about his understanding of medical science and sympathy towards rape victims; his doomed campaign limped into the election and went down in certain defeat. In the same way, in | Read More »

    #CruzToVictory over #UnelectableTrump

    I came to a stark conclusion today after reading yet another Berman piece on how unelectable Trump is: BECAUSE Trump is unelectable, it would be ‘safe’ for me to vote Trump. You see, I got into the #neverTrump corner because I know Trump is a lying, corrupt, phony.  I don’t want to be held responsible for foisting this man on the country. I cannot vote | Read More »

    Cruz leads in close Wisconsin race, Kasich plays the spoiler

    Hot off his big Utah victory and the gathering momentum of endorsements, including Jeb Bush, Cruz has some good news on the polling front: A slight lead in Wisconsin. An Emerson College poll of Wisconsin GOP primary voters, March 20-22, shows Cruz at 36%, Trump 35%, and Kasich 19%.  Behind the top-line is good news for Cruz in that he has better favorables than Trump, | Read More »

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