What Romney Needs to Say To Win By Ten Points

On another diary, it was asked what Romney should say in response to the Obama “You are just Bush 2.0″ charge. In fact, such a question or charge would be an opening for Romney to hit a home run and possibly make the game-changing campaign point that will drive home why re-electing Obama will be dangerous for our economy.

Here’s how. These are 6 key points, and if all 6 are put in the minds of the voters, it will debunk, refute and diminish the Obama ‘excuse’ narrative that goes this way: “Romney is just another Bush; Bush is the cause of all the economy’s problems; those problems were so large that all the bad economic performance of the last 4 years is really just because of Bush.”   The key to turning this around is to make voters ponder – what will cause the next economic crisis? The answer is simple: The cause will be the combination of low economic growth and a large and growing debt. That is exactly what Spain and Greece face now. USA will face that crisis too if we dont fix our economy and federal deficit.

1) Bush record was actually better than Obama’s

“Under Bush, the unemployment rate averaged 5.3 percent, labor-productivity gains averaged 2.5 percent annually, and real
after-tax income per capita increased by more than 11 percent. And our economy grew by more than 17 percent from 2000 to 2007.”

2) The 2008 crisis was caused by policies from both parties

“This Bush record outshines the record of President Obama’s, even if tarnished by the financial crisis that hit at the end of his term. That last crisis by the way WAS CAUSED BY FACTORS BEYOND ONE PRESIDENT, including DEMOCRATIC SUPPORTED HOUSING POLICIES, easy money from the Fed, CLINTON-PASSED LAWS and lack of oversight from both parties.”

3) We are in a Big Government Bubble and our Federal debt will cause the next economic crisis

“It’s superficial and wrong to claim that simply lowering taxes will incite the next financial crisis. We know the ingredients for the next crisis, we see it in Europe. Too much Government debt and too little growth leads to countries unravelling as they go bankrupt, unable to pay our debts. We see it in the US now. We had an internet bubble, a housing bubble, both of which burst and caused recessions. Now we have a Big Government bubble, over a trillion dollar deficits each year, funded for now by easy Fed money that is keeping interest rates low. Meanwhile, under Obama, growth has been pathetic. Carry on this way, and our debts will balloon while our ability to pay for it withers. We will become Greece if we don’t change course.”

4) Obama has no plan to fix this problem

“President Obama has no plan to get our budget even close to balance; after added $6 trillion in debt over the last 4 years, his budget plans adds almost $10 trillion to our debt in 10 years. He has no plan to improve economic growth, no plan to streamline our tax code, not a single new idea to create jobs other than recycling old ones that already failed.

Obama can’t promise that he will fix this. He has had four years and already failed. He failed to cut the deficit, he failed to create enough jobs, he failed to get the economy growing. Now we are stuck with a Federal debt bigger than our GDP and an economy stuck in a ditch spinning its wheels, with our last quarter’s growth at 1.3% about a third the growth we would have in a healthy economy.”

5) This election is about who can fix our broken economy and put us on a footing to avoid that next crisis

“This election is about who can navigate the treacherous economy over the next four years.  It’s about who can fix our broken economy, creating too few jobs and too much government debt.  Obama’s economic performance is sufficient failure to tell us that he is not up to the task of changing course and fixing our problems. In the next four years of Obama, his tax increases will hold the economy down, while his increased government spending will make our debt shoot the moon. Obama’s policies will make the next crisis and next recession more likely, more imminent, more dangerous.”

6) My plan will put America on a better economic path

“I will change course from our path of too much debt and joblessness and not enough growth and job creation. I will reverse the Obama policies that are holding the economy back and shackling innovation and investment. We will streamline the tax code, stop trying to kill the coal industry,  we will repeal Obamacare and review the thousands of pages of new federal regulations. We will be tough but fair with trading partners and open new markets for American producers. We will help small business succeed. I won’t fail. I will succeed because for me, growing the economy and creating jobs won’t be just one check box on my agenda – it will be JOB ONE for me from DAY ONE. My one promise to you is to help you and your family succeed as we turn American around and rebuild our prosperity and the promise of the American dream for all our citizens.”

That’s what Mitt Romney should say. If he can get voters to understand and concentrate in their minds the danger that a second Obama term can be – the sequel is never as good as the first movie – he can win big.

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