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    Texas GOP primary – a good night for conservatives

    A good night for conservatives in the GOP primary. Cornyn fended off challengers, but at only 60% up against 7 dwarves, the establishment should be put on notice. Conservative Dan Patrick leads for Lt Gov. This defies polls but tells us Dan Patrick is in a good position to win. I supported Jerry Patterson, and that support will imho go mostly to Dan Patrick. For | Read More »

    Sen Cornyn and the calculus of faux opposition

    First, men –  a reminder: Get your woman something for Valentine’s Day. Flowers, chocolate, a diamond ring, whatever it takes. Show your love. Even if you are a dishonest scoundrel, do that. Especially if you are a dishonest scoundrel, do that, it might get your mistakes forgiven. Maybe that is  why scoundrels sometimes learn to be good at the ‘do something bad, then make a | Read More »

    Obama nominates a Mumia-supporting radical lawyer for DOJ post

    One of the crazy things about our current political environment is how much the radical left has been ‘normalized’ in political terms by our radical Progressive-in-chief. We know about the radicals he wants on the DC Court of Appeals, we’ve suffered with AG Eric Holder and his Dept of Justice politicized attacks on states that dare to enforce fully Constitutional laws, while allowing the abrogation | Read More »

    An open letter to Speaker Boehner

    I get these emails from Speaker Boehner, and I noticed a curious thing about this weekly email to the supporters – NOTHING about his immigration push! Keystone pipeline #usethepen tweet push, weekly address mention that goes into jobs and natural gas,  he says “comment on the Farm Bill … no earmarks” (huh?)  Well…   I decided he needed to hear about immigration anyway, as we | Read More »

    We Had George Washington, South Africa Had Mandela

    What conservatives need to read about Mandela to ‘get it’ on the praise of him: This debunks the “Mandela was a communist so he was a bad guy” conservative complaint. It’s not the whole story. Read it. We were fortunate to not have our American Revolution replace one despotism with another. Far too often, that is the way of the world. We were fortunate | Read More »

    Fire This Congressman

    No, not President Obama and every single Democrat. Although they deserve it, I am talking about this guy: Trey Radel, a Florida Republican elected in 2012, will be in court Wednesday on charges that he possessed cocaine. Here’s a guy who is a drug abuser and blames alcohol for his drug problems. He almost sounds like a Kennedy. “I’m profoundly sorry to let down | Read More »

    Cuccinelli gaining momentum, polls shows 2 point spread

      Wow. The carpet-bagging influence peddler actually isn’t going to win in a walk. Now there are polls which showed double-digit leads for Fast Terry McAwful, lover of Obamacare, crony capitalist corruption and unsanitary abortion mills, but maybe the welcome is wearing thin on the carpetbagger, as yet another poll shows (in addition to Q poll’s 4 pt gap and Wenzel poll 1pt gap) deflation | Read More »

    How to Talk about Healthcare

    If and when it comes time to actually repeal and replace Obamacare, there will be a challenge – how to actually go through the difficult process of making that change? Being a conservative reformer takes a lot more than just being a reactionary saying “No”. Often Liberals will acknowledge some flaws in Obamacare but then retort “But what would you do?” and then declare either | Read More »

    The Way Forward: Short Term Debt Ceiling Increase with Full Faith and Credit and Keep Fighting Obamacare

    So there is a House conference meeting tomorrow. NR reports: House Republicans will hold a “special” conference meeting tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. No meeting subject was explicitly given in the announcement sent to members, but Republicans face big choices over how to structure their budget fight with President Obama. House budget chairman Paul Ryan is leading the push to focus on the debt ceiling | Read More »

    Obamacare Costs Hit Home

    American consumers of health insurance, the 85% of us who were just fine with our old health insurance, have been dragooned by Obama to be the suckers who have to pay for the risky scheme known as ACA, and only now, when the bill comes in the mail, does the media realize this: As Obamacare begins to roll out, some people who already buy insurance | Read More »

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