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    A Fair Nomination Rule For GOP Conventions

    Summary: * We should treat the 2016 convention as a ‘runoff’ of the GOP primaries, not a ‘do-over’. This respects the outcomes of the primaries and the votes of GOP primary voters. * A majority of delegates should determine the GOP presidential candidate, no less. For 2016, the golden delegate threshold is 1237. * The convention should only enter into nomination those who have been successful | Read More »

    Don’t Blame Cruz for the rise of Donald Trump

    This was written as a response to the Susan Wright diary that engaged in hand-wringing over the fact that somehow Cruz didn’t respond or approach Trump in the properly constructive way. As she put is: “my problem with Cruz isn’t so much that he didn’t attack as it is he gave legitimacy to Trump by praising him.”  She is not the only one, of course. | Read More »

    Did Trump break Federal Law?

    Found this on social media: While researching information on Trump, I come across something that should be brought to the Senator’s attention. In 2013, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was investigating Trump’s fraudulent Trump University and she was up for re-election at the time. Trump sent her a check for $25,000.00 as a donation. Right after that, the investigation came to a halt. Bondi and | Read More »

    Rubio Supporters Start Endorsing Cruz

    This just hit my email inbox. It’s a well-written endorsement that reflects well why the Rubio campaign resonated with many,  and explains why and how Ted Cruz should pick up the mantle of support from Rubio advocates. Rep. Jason Isaac is a State Representative in central Texas.  I’m sharing it in hopes we have more of the same to build on the momentum for Ted | Read More »

    The Winning Cruz Message

    As ofr right now, Trump is the prohibitive favorite to be the GOP nominee, but he remains a weak GOP frontrunner, who earned 37% of the GOP vote thus far, and Trump is a flawed general candidate who is very likely to lose to Hillary should he be our nominee. Cruz can beat Trump for the nomination, but it’s an uphill battle, and to do | Read More »

    Cruz would win a brokered convention

    I’ve been shocked at how twisted the reporting from some corners of the ‘conservative media’ has gotten over the possibility of a brokered convention.  So let me set the record straight over what can and cannot happen. We have some bleating over the non-existent risk of Romney supposedly entering the race, even ‘stealing’ the nomination, despite Romney being very clear  and over the distortions around what | Read More »

    Running For Fundraiser

    As someone who has gotten at least a dozen robo-calls and live calls from the Carson campaign, plus fundraising emails and letters from Carson, Jeb, Fiorina, Rand, Cruz (disclosure: contributed to Cruz campaign), Trump and others – this item caught my eye: Republican Ben Carson raised more than $20 million in the third quarter of the year, more than twice the amount he brought in over | Read More »

    Ticking off the liberal media is not a qualification for President

    TL;DR : We can’t be grateful that candidates and public figures are learning to push back on media narratives and PC assumptions. But we make a serious mistake in confusing that with a qualification for President. Neither Carson nor Trump – nor anybody – is qualified for President simply because they are saying things liberals in the media oppose. Early this year, the now defunct | Read More »

    Marco Rubio for US Senate

    We have a surplus of good Republican candidates running for President in 2016, one of the best potential Republican candidate fields in many elections. As such, it does beg a question of  whether candidates who run  with a low probability of victory should instead bow out and pursue lesser office. Both and have the dilemma of being up for re-election in 2016.  For Marco Rubio, | Read More »

    Ted Cruz For Republican Party Spokesman

    In just this week alone, there have been two instances where jumped into the liberal’s lion’s den and emerged unscathed. ‘s Morning Joe appearance had a liberal columnist at the Austin American-Statesman aghast at what happened to Mika and Joe. He reminds us of what a white-hot center of Cruz-phobia the show has been: No space in the American media landscape burned brighter with Cruz | Read More »

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