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    The Power to Say No

    The correct way to respond to the Obama victory:  remember that we have 30 GOP Governors, a GOP House, and note that his victory now is just a ‘status quo’

    It was the GOTV All Along

    What made Mitt Romney lose the election? Well, lets consider: The incumbent, faced with an opponent from Massachusetts who wrapped up his nomination around April, went to work fairly quickly

    Conservative Principles: The pro-choice Argument against Mandates

    Conservatives have been liberated in this last election. Had Mitt Romney won, the weight of responsibility for cleaning up the fiscal mess we are in would be on him and

    How to Deal with the Fiscal Cliff

    A present from the August 2011 deal is the upcoming sequestration of spending, and along with it the ‘cliff’ of Bush tax increases. How should the Republicans in Congress, still

    Divided We Stand

    Election Night. A time for hope, fear, anxiety, and, when the good news happens – anticipation of a brighter future. This is not such a night. We will find out

    Romney Will Win

    I have done a lot in my life that requires predicting what will happen and making plans based on partial information.  I have made strenuous effort to be objective, clear

    This Debate Changes Nothing, It’s Still the Economy Stupid

    This debate will be dissected and discussed, but in a debate where much was argued and little resolved, this debate will not change much. The President said much that one

    Romney Leads

    There has been a lot of  good polling news for Romney.  Romney is within the margin of error in Pennsylvania.  Thanks to good polls, RCP has now moved New Hamphire,

    Why Obama Choked

    WHY OBAMA CHOKED IN THE FIRST DEBATE When I saw the debate, I was quite thrilled with how well Romney was doing. Live-blogging it on Redstate, I found myself writing

    Romney Wins – The Message is the Medium to Victory

    Did anyone notice something funny in the debate? No, not Romney’s gracious joke at the beginning or Obama looking down in his close at the end. Perhaps the one tell

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