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    Jennifer Rubin Knows Nothing About Ted Cruz (R-TX)

    As the ‘house conservative’ Washington Post blogger,  Jen Rubin  has played the part of Republican establishment mouthpiece, Romney cheerleader and center-rightist talking-down the right-wing rabble. Her writing give insight to what’s inside the heads of the kinds of DC establishment insiders Erick often castigates. She took it upon herself to attack  Senator Ted Cruz’s latest speech on foreign policy, given on September 11th, Patriot Day. | Read More »

    The Obama economy still is a miserable failure

    It was just one of those typical Obama-low-information-voter knee-jerk comments, but when I saw this response to a claim that the Obama economy was ‘degraded’, it floored me: “The economy under Bush was a whole lot worse” [than under Obama] Rationalizing, excusing or making false statements like “It was worse under Bush” (when it wasn’t) does an injustice to those suffering under the Obama economy. | Read More »

    Obama Blows Up Immigration Reform

    Obama gave his immigration speech today. If you were in the Senate in 2006 and 2007, you know it’s a (as Rove put it) ‘complex’ issue – a  loaded issue that can melt the Senate switchboard. One where a bill will have to be bipartisan or it will fail. It would have to balance enforcement, legal immigration provisions and handling of illegal immigrants among us. | Read More »

    Speaker Boehner Learns from Mistakes, Commits to “Regular Order”

    During the fiscal cliff, conservatives were frustrated to see many negotiation mistakes: Boehner pre-caving; seeing the Senate inaction that put the onus on the House when in fact the Senate needed to move; the aborted “Plan B” attempt;  letting the Senate string it out to the last day, so the House was left with “fait accompli or the Cliff’s on you” Hobson’s choice. Hoo boy | Read More »

    Federal Spending out of Control? Blame the Democrat-controlled Senate

    This is to followup and emphasize points made by Soren Dayton. “1,350” — The number of days since the Senate last passed a budget, April 29, 2009. It’s bad enough when your government is borrowing more than $1 trillion a year – more than one third of its total outlays. It’s way worse when the green-eyeshade team at the Congressional Budget Office go to work | Read More »

    It’s Time for Republicans to Win by Losing

    In politics, there are both political and policy outcomes, and because of this, you can win by losing and sometimes lose by winning. A defeat or setback that unites you and lays the groundwork for future victory will be one that turns out for the best. What Obama is attempting is the trifecta of winning on policy, winning on politics, AND dividing the Republicans, causing a | Read More »

    Plan B Fails – Now What?

    Having one the election, President Obama is using that political capital to separate 98% taxpayers from the 2%. Never mind that Obamacare taxes increase tax burdens for the middle class. never mind that the Obamacare mandate will hit people earning $50,000 a year very hard. We are talking about a political agenda of feeding the perception of most voters that Obama’s wasteful Big Government schemes | Read More »

    Post-election memo to the bedwetters

    Dear Conservatives Bedwetters: You know who you are, talking about how Republicans need to get hip with tax increases, amnesty, gay marriage and abortion-on-demand. You are shell-shocked and babbling about Obamacare as the law of the land. If only we could be more like the Democrats, you lament. You want to throw in the towel: Give them everything they want, let them stew in it.  | Read More »

    If 2012 was like 2004, then 2014 can be our 2006

    I have noted prior that the 2012 election was an inverted version of the 2004 election. Obama beat Romney using the same base-appeal, define-the-other-guy and retail politics that Bush did in 2004.  In some respects, it was an important election to give Bush the opportunity to finish in Iraq and confirmed his stewardship of the economy. But we all know that by 2006, things were | Read More »

    The Power to Say No

    The correct way to respond to the Obama victory:  remember that we have 30 GOP Governors, a GOP House, and note that his victory now is just a ‘status quo’ result, a grudging narrow win to not fire an incumbent, a pale shadow of his ‘mandate’ of 2009.  It was a narrow win in a divided nation. If you want to know the CORRECT way | Read More »

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