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    Why Isn’t Obamacare a bigger issue?

    During 2010 and during the Republican primary, the number one concern and issue was repealing the signature ‘accomplishment’ of the Obama Presidency. Perhaps the elephant in the room on Obamacare is the fact that Romney is our nominee. And yet that cannot be quite right as Romney was willing to point out the Medicare cost-shifting in Obamacare.   There is one big opportunity and the number | Read More »

    Four Dishonest Pillars of Obama’s Re-election

    Speaking of things people believe that arent true, that’s what the 2012 election is all about. To wit, Obama’s path to victory is by lying to the American people, and these four big lies are the four pillars of Obama’s campaign: 1. Passing the buck: Obama excuses his failures by blaming Republicans,e.g. $1 trillion deficits? Not mine, theirs, he says. Never mind the  $2 trillion | Read More »

    Top Reasons To Fire Obama and vote for Romney

    In response to another diary, I lamented the outcome of an Obama victory thusly: An Obama victory will mean a fiscal cliff, his high tax increases will spark a double-dip recession in 2013, his policies will mean a lost decade of growth, a looming fiscal crisis as we suffer more downgrades and eventually bankruptcy, and my own children will have a serious reduction in their | Read More »

    Romney’s two-front war

    There are days in the primary when we felt “Yeah! We need Newt Gingrich in the ring during the fall campaign!” and there was a good reason for it. We saw how the liberal media would spin stories and mis-manage debates (somehow we foolishly let the liberal media run our primary debates), taking us AWAY from the big issues and towards side-shows.  Newt stood up | Read More »

    Doom, Gloom and The Economy’s 1.25% GDP Growth

    If you want to know why this election is important to our prosperity and economy, there are several data points you can turn to. It might be the fact that Household income is down 8.2%.  Or it might be the fact that our debt is now over $16 trillion. For me,  the biggest concern is that the bad trend of higher taxes and more spending | Read More »

    Who Can Fix Our Broken Economy?

    The question for 2012 is NOT “Are you better off now?” The fact is that 4 years ago, our world was getting turned upside-down by the unprecedented request for TARP, aka, the bank bailouts.  Government, and the economy has never been the same.  The Obama campaign, enlisted the slickest political salesman they could to push “The dog ate my homework” excuse, have explained that in | Read More »

    Salvaging the Missouri Senate Seat from Akin’s FAIL

    I was challenged to come up with solutions rather than ‘whining’ about Todd Akin’s prideful refusal to bend to political reality and let a better candidate take his place as Republican nominee for Missouri Senate.  Since our goal is winning the White House and the Senate, the desire to see Akin withdraw is a simple calculus: Todd Akin in the race is a loss, anyone | Read More »

    Should Todd Akin drop out?

    Todd Akin, GOP Senate candidate in Missouri, who in a recent poll was leading Claire McCaskill 51% to 40%, managed to throw the race wide open with a Category 5 blundering Biden (aka gaffe/blunder/’misstatement’) that including this ‘gem': “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” It was a bad enough blunder that he had | Read More »

    Obama’s economy is “A miserable failure” not the “New Normal”

    When times are bad, Americans have traditionally persevered with optimis; we believe we can change and make it better, unlike other more fatalistic cultures. The media’s use of terms like “New Normal” and “Great Recession” have fostered a fatalism and tested our faith in our future, as if American decline and economic misery are Acts of Nature that cant be changed. Of course, not every | Read More »

    A bonus in the Ryan pick by the name of Scott Garrett

    Romney’s pick of Rep Paul Ryan has pleased most conservatives looking for ‘spine’, articuation of conservative principles and an election of consequence which, if we win, will be a mandate for the knds of consrevative reform we all believe in. However, some have raised a concern about the vacuum Paul Ryan will leave in the House. I too was wondering who would take the helm | Read More »