State percentage breakdowns.

    My biggest concern is, if maybe there needs to be a re-evaluation into how the electoral college is played out.  It doesn’t seem like representative government this way.  Should they be doled out by congressional districts like Nebraska and Maine do?  Or should we do it by percentage of the vote in the state?   Because this election is a lot closer than the electoral | Read More »

    Interesting view by College student. Maybe there’s hope ….

    for the younger generation after all.   This student appears to be actually thinking for himself.

    They are ramping up the thugs now….

    “Did you happen to notice (in your 2nd link in your article) the set-up that Penny McCrimmon – Central Baltimore County Democratic Club provided for the folks they wanted to counter you all?Here it is (emphasis mine): ================================= ================================= From: Penny McCrimmon To: Penny McCrimmon Sent: Friday, August 07, 2009 9:56 AM Subject: FW: More Info: Senator Cardin’s Health Care Town Hall Meeting- Tea Baggers THANK | Read More »