Foreign verses Domestic Intelligence Gathering

    Sit back and think about what is going on here… I mean really think about it…. The global war on terror has been shut down. We are no longer at war with the terrorists. We know who and where the Benghazi attack leaders are but do not want to grab them or else we will be saddled with sending them to Gitmo. However, El Qaeda | Read More »

    South Dakota 2014 Senate Race Update

    Today Former South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds announced his candidacy to run for the Senate seat currently held by Democrat Senator Tim Johnson. Tim Johnson, in response to this announcement, has also declared his intention to run for reelection as well. The race of the two Tim’s  South Dakota Senate seat is now underway. Gov Rounds is still a very popular figure in the state. | Read More »

    How Fast Will The Republican House Leadership Cave?

    I originally did this as a comment to a post. However, as I typed I found myself really wanting to expound upon the line of thought. So, here it goes…. This is a good question. One that I am afraid I do not have a good answer too. If history is any indicator our illustrious House Republican Leadership, in blind terror to the prospects of | Read More »

    The Red State Redesign Headache – My View On The Matter

    In the over 5 years, probably more like over 6 years that I have been here I have seen some major upheavals. (I still remember reading the post announcing Erick as the Editor of the Site!) The mass banning of a group of people a little while back was the most dramatic I have seen. The many revisions of the page have caused a lot | Read More »

    Red State During The Political Season: My Lessons Learned

    I am writing this post because of some of the posting and especially the commenting I am starting to see here at Red State. I have been here over 5 years. I am not sure exactly when I started. I think it was 2003 or 2004, but I know it was in that time frame. I remember the post announcing Erick being hired full time | Read More »

    Do You Want to Easily ‘Fact Check’ or Research Government Information? Well, You Can’t Anymore.

    There is a web site created by the US Government that gives you everything you need. In fact, it is created and maintained by The US Census Bureau. It is the “The 2012 Statistical Abstract The National Data Book”. It is the central clearinghouse for all facts and information on the US Government. However, there is one problem. As of October 1, 2011, the site | Read More »

    I Submitted a Question to CNN for the Presidential Debate

    I Submitted a Question to CNN for the Presidential Debate. I seriously do not expect my question to be asked, but if it does get asked by some miracle, it would be hugely instructive of the economics acumen of the presidential candidates. It would also be huge for the voters in the primaries in their decision making on who to vote for and why. The | Read More »

    Rep. Joe Heck (R-NV) Needs Some Palin-Trump Instructional Lessons

    It seems that Rep. Joe Heck (R-NV) has made a very public error on his position with Social Security. In a Fox News story, he is quoted as calling Social Security a “pyramid scheme”. Twice! However, that is not the problem, except he gave a great campaign sound bite to a Democrat opponent. The problem came at a town hall meeting. Yup, you guessed it, | Read More »

    The DOJ and ATF: GUNRUNNER is about to explode

    In an article on the Foxnews website, there is a story that just raises all kinds of alarm bells and the makings of a major scandal. The title of the story says it all: “ATF, DOJ Launch Damage Control Effort Over Growing Project Gunrunner Scandal”. It seems under the watchful eye of the Dept of Justice, the ATF was supervising the purchase of AK-47’s in | Read More »

    The Constitutional Fetish and the Historical Turn of Events

    -My How Times Have Changed- The United States, as a result of the election result in November 2010, has taken a turn into the ridiculous, if not just plain surreal. However, this may not be such a bad thing at this point. Please allow me to explain. If you look at the current reaction to the Republicans in Congress opening the new session with a | Read More »