Newtown through the Prism of Social Conservatism

    This post is an expansion of a post I did on my FaceBook, so some of it may be a little redundant, but I want to expound on this further. For those of you who don’t know my back ground: I am the father of three daughters, one of which turns two tomorrow. I am the uncle to 5 boys, and one girl. My wife | Read More »

    I refuse to play the blame game…

    As I wake up and recover from the absolute nightmare that played out before me last night, there is one thing I am hearing, and I hate it: The blame game. Before we were “cold in our political grave” – I was hearing pundits (even on The Blaze) start pointing fingers, and blaming the Tea Party and the choice of Paul Ryan, etc, etc, etc. | Read More »

    There is a pit at the bottom of my stomach

    Now – before any of you reading the headline think that I am giving up, no I am not. I just have this pit at the bottom of stomach… something is going to go wrong. I just get this feeling that it’s going to be a contested election. I call this a healthy problem. While I cannot believe that Obama and Romney are tied, I | Read More »

    Poetic Justice: Bush, Obama, and the two 9/11 attacks

    Does anyone remember how people and conspiracy theorists spent SEVEN YEARS trying to prove that George W. Bush KNEW that 9/11/01 was going to happen and let it happen? All those documentaries like Loose Change, that was so accurate that it had to be re-edited three times, and the editor/producer Dylan Avery changed his stance, and I think even Alex Jones has dropped it. So seven | Read More »

    We should NOT get over confident

    As I write this on my mother’s birthday, I have a sense of glee and euphoria about me because it seems that the polls are going Romney’s way – then I have to stop myself and think. I have to think: Okay FIRST – the pollsters tried to depress the vote, and now I have to think they are trying to get the vote over | Read More »

    Romney needs to do the work that no other American can do

    Tonight is the much ballyhooed and expected first debate between Governor Romney and President Obama. Tonight – Mitt Romney needs to do the work that no other American CAN do. None of us in this country has the physical ability to directly confront the man that has led this country to her decline. We can march in the street. We can send emails to the | Read More »


    While we are disecting the “Life of Julia” Slideshow, I havent seen this poitn brought up: On the Age 25 Slide, where she is graduating college, they showed the flags like this: I am not trying to over nitpick, but as many of you know – when displayed on a stage – the US Flag is ALWAYS Stage Left (Speaker Right) and any other flag. | Read More »

    Help Me Counter the “The Life Julia” from Obama

    I am the father of 3 daughters, the youngest of which is named Julia. Apparently, Obama  has launched this insipid “Life of Julia” Flash video on his website. ( ) If you don’t want to go through it all – here are the “points” that are made by this: Age 3: Under President Obama: Julia is enrolled in a Head Start program to help get her ready for | Read More »

    Teacher calls San Antonio Tea Party Leader a Nazi at DREAM Act Panel Discussion

    (THIS ARTICLE WAS WRITTEN BY TONY KATZ of All Patriots Media/PJTV, I just wanted to post it HERE. The Video was shot by me)   A panel conversation on the DREAM Act turned nasty when a public school teacher told the panel that they want him to act like an ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) Agent, and round up students who are in the country illegally. | Read More »

    Why is it okay for Christie, Rubio & Bachmann to run, but not Palin?

    One of the many things that irritate me about our side of the aisle is that some of us think that people who were just elected are “presidential timber.” Many people after the election of Chris Christie – even though he hadn’t done anything yet – were saying that he needed to run for president (Ann Coulter among many) Many people after the election of | Read More »