Retired Army officer of the Cold War era. Spent four leisurely years as A Special Forces officer in Vietnam, and visited many beautiful and wonderful locales in Latin America, Africa and the SW Pacific area in the same capacity. Later (after discovering my mortality) I became a counterintelligence operations officer ultimately becoming responsible for all related activities throughout the Army, and world wide. Regardless of this I managed to maintain my self-respect, a modicum of sanity and a slightly battered sense of humor. Degrees are in the general field of Political Science. Specific interests are the human players in major national events from the Civil War through the Vietnam era. Bass fisherman. (No fear). Racquetball is (was) my passion until physical infirmities made it just too difficult to play. Am now a bicycle meanderer along rural Maryland roads and the C&O canal. Am a writer and an author; more books are under pen. I can't tolerate rude people and become dangerous in the presence of those who harm children, women and defenseless animals.


    Obama Care: Have We Missed The Central Argument?

    Wouldn’t it be nice? Wouldn’t it be wonderful:  If we lived in a society that could afford national health care for all who reside within our borders – legally? Certainly. But we do not live in such a society; nor have we ever; nor will we ever. Still, the leftist gangs who have hijacked the American legislative processes, and executive functions are bent on ba | Read More »

    Time Now To Peer Over The Horizon

    I’ve been with RedState for 4 years and 5 months. I’ve witnessed this sight grow from something little more than  conservative political chat room to the intellectual political heavy weight forum it has become; and RedState is one of the very best on line today – in my opinion. Personally, I have witnessed (and became somewhat involved in) most of the  governmental and political travesties | Read More »

    I’ve been thinking The Obama/Biden meld seemed a bit cartoonish . . .

    We have two great candidates; and,the very best democrats can send against them are: ** Messrs.Heckle and Jekyll**. Ain’t politics great?!

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