I was born in Moscow, USSR. For my youth, I believed in the Party, the CPSU but I noticed the Party Leaders lived very well, while the people got the scraps. How different is that from Capitalism? Well, in Capitalism, there is a chance you can rise. Soviet Socialism was more like an Aristocracy. You had to be born into it and it was getting more so, I worked for a special agency of the government until I finally "came over" with help of a "special agency" of the US. I got a life where I could work and earn, they got information.


    Our schools don’t teach History

    Our schools are no longer teaching US History.  It is a pale imitation of US history at best. Ask a college student about the French & Indian War.  They do not know about it.  They are ignorant as to how this war inevitably led the Colonists to the Revolution. They want to teach us that the Native American was the equal of his European counterpart.  | Read More »

    Why is the US following a SOVIET model?

    Perhaps someone can explain to me why the USA is trying to follow a failed and dangerous model of the USSR? We have fallen to accepting the “cult of personality” that Josif Stalin was, only we have Barak Obama. In the US, Stalin is seen for what he was:  A dictator, murderer, thief and trickster.  In the USSR of 1925-1953, he was NONE of these.  | Read More »