Business man who is fighting to keep his company afloat.


    The Simple Path to Conservative Control of Washington

    The path for Conservatives to take control of the Federal Government and most State governments is so easy and simple it defies comprehending why it hasn’t happened.  What stands between Conservatives and a Super Majority in government is found in their fear of being labeled.  No one wants the word RACIST or BIGOT seen in the same sentence as their name, but this fear is | Read More »

    God and Man

    There is one God ruling earth. That God heads all the worlds’ religions. Some men were unhappy with God’s plan – it did not allow them to control other men and their purses. Those men chose to create rules and sects to divide men from one another and God. Strangely, every religion claims they are God’s chosen and the only “true” religion. God may have | Read More »

    Colorado Transgender Child – What’s Wrong with this Picture?

    Any family with a crippled child (disabled if you prefer) faces an ardous path caring for that child.  The amount of care required is often proportional to the extent of the child’s damage.   These families need and deserve the assistance provided by extended family, neighbors, their religious advisor and the community at large.  Caring for a crippled child takes patience and a considerable amount of money.  The | Read More »

    GUN CONTROL: The Democrat’s Diabolical and Deadly Deceptions

    Death is an unfortunate fact of life.  The death of children prompts an assortment of responses.  Though most people will condemn the means and express outrage over child deaths, the manner of death is evaluated with different measures. Over 11,500 children die annually in the USA from sources other than illness, diseases, or another medical condition. What causes the child’s death impacts how people view | Read More »

    Low Attention, Zero Liability, et al – Stupid Voters

    Regardless of the names used, these are the stupid among us.  I refuse to any longer contort my language to the Left’s conventions.  Step one in overturning their power is to remove their restrictions on language which forces a Conservative to argue on the Left’s terms. The Stupid are numerous.  Estimates range between 47% and over 50% of the US population – not surprisingly these | Read More »

    Breeding for Bankruptcy – The Democrats Plan to Destroy America

    UPDATE — 10/18/2012:  Gov’t reports welfare costs have skyrocketed to one Trillion Dollars. The plan Democrats developed to obtain permanent control of the government is insideous.  The Poor are the device they plan to use to accomplish their objectives.  Politically Correct speech codes were developed primarily to indemnify the Poor and other Democrat dependents from criticism and investigation.  Although this plan is ostensibly counter-intuitive | Read More »

    Obama and Jimmy Carter – Bust-ed!

    I just read some outtakes from an E-book: Lizard King – written by a supposed White House Insider.  It purports to be an insider’s view of Barak Obama and his staff.  The Daily Caller is running these book installments.  I found one incident very telling and supports my claims regarding Obama and his mental issues – He has many and they are deep and dark.  | Read More »

    Desperation, Fear, Lies, and Acceptance

    Obama and his acolytes are beinning to see the writing on the wall.  They’ve suspected it for months.  Their internal polling – that prompted them to increase oversampling Democrats – current at 13% but sure to rise more as election day gets closer – has shown a disaster ahead.  Depsite all their deceptions, attacks and ignoring damaging information, the MEDIA cannot pull away from Mitt | Read More »

    Obama’s Most Destructive Legacy

    I can proudly state I didn’t watch a minute of the Democrat’s convention.  When any organization chooses to prevaricate, distort, intimidate, encourage the commission of crimes, deceive and lie – I was taught to ignore them – or alert law enforcement.  What to do when those committing the crimes hold the responsibility of enforcement?  Sorry Mom, I can’t say nothing this time.  (This is the | Read More »


    Mark the day down.  It’s my birthday – I won’t forget.  Yesterday we saw the underbelly of the Democrat Party.  Rush Limbaugh said before this DNC gathering began it would resemble the Star War’s film bar scene. He was accurate.  But it is dubious Rush knew the level of stupidity Democrats could and would display – on camera – before the nation and reporters who | Read More »