Boycott DC, not AZ

    So the Los Angeles City Council has voted to boycott Arizona over its new immigration law.  This nauseating display of moral vanity comes on the same day the Pew Research Center reports on a new poll showing that the American people support the law by a commanding 59%-32%.  Heck, Pew found that Democrats are split, with 46% opposed and 45% in support.  So we have the City of | Read More »

    Hayworth closing in on McCain

    Rasmussen is out with a new poll showing JD Hayworth gaining on John McCain. McCain’s 22 point lead in January has now shrunk to just five points, 47%-42%, of likely Republican primary voters. Perhaps more important, this is the second Rasmussen poll in the past month showing McCain below the 50% threshold – dangerous territory for an incumbent. If you ask me, McCain is self-destructing | Read More »

    Obamacare a mandate, not a right

    Perhaps the most obnoxious rhetoric emanating from Obamacare supporters is that this law makes health care a “right.” I’ve seen it in countless editorials and heard it from countless commentators. But how can health care be a right when the government forces you to have it? We have right to a free press, but the government doesn’t force you to own a newspaper. We have | Read More »

    Rasmussen: Hayworth closing in on McCain

    Rasmussen Reports is out with a new poll showing JD Hayworth gaining significant ground on John McCain.  Rasmussen finds a mere 7 point lead (48%-41%) for McCain.  In January, Rasmussen had McCain ahead by 22 points (53%-31%), so this new poll represents a 15 point swing in Hayworth’s favor.  More troubling for McCain is that he is under 50 percent – generally considered a sign of an incumbent | Read More »