The True Face of Campus Progress: A Report From The Conference

    This last week, Youth for Western Civilization dropped by the left-wing “Campus Progress” conference here in Washington D.C.  It was held in the Omni Shoreham hotel, with the main portion of the conference taking place in an ornate ballroom filled with a massive stereo system and two giant projection screens.  The conference was headlined by big name speakers like Samantha Powers, John Podesta, Van Jones, | Read More »

    Colorado Could Turn Budget Deficit Into Surplus If Illegal Aliens Deported

    A new poll shows that 61% of Coloradans want a copy of Arizona’s 1070 law allowing law enforcement to investigate those they encounter who exhibit “reasonable suspicion” of being an illegal alien. A recent study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform discovered that illegal aliens cost Colorado taxpayers more than $1.1 billion per year, or about $612 per household.  Additionally, between $730 million and | Read More »

    Rand Paul was Right on Civil Rights Act

    Rand Paul has been the subject of liberal assaults recently for his comments on Title II of the ‘1964 Civil Rights Act.’  The liberal TV pundits accuse Rand Paul of ‘being ignorant of the law and history,’ but it is actually they who are ignorant-or even worse, purposely misleading.  The real issue has nothing to do with race, but with unlimited power granted to the | Read More »

    AUDIO: Tom Tancredo Interviewed by YWC’s Kevin DeAnna

    Our honorary chairman Tom Tancredo joins us to talk about his role in the tea parties, the turbulent political situation in Arizona, John McCain’s temper, and his return to the University of North Carolina.  He also challenges Dick Armey to a debate about immigration and the future of limited government.  This interview should create some headlines, so listen here first!

    Providence College Basketball Players Randomly Assault Student

    Providence College may be a small Catholic liberal arts school, but as the founding member of the Big East Conference, Friars Basketball is big business. The dynamics of competing in the top basketball conference in the country require recruits to be primarily chosen on the basis of their PPG rather than their SAT. Given the lily-white, suburbanite demographics of Providence College, the experiences and values of the basketball players are generally an ocean apart from the average student on campus.

    This gap has unfortunately manifested itself in a series of incidents that include everything from one teammate smashing another with a tire iron, to another player assaulting his girlfriend on campus. This culminated in the infamous riot that took place directly off campus resulting in the expulsion of half the 1999-2000 team. Although we have yet to reach the upper echelons of athletic “thugnificence” that is University of Miami Football, we are at the very least providing them with spirited competition.

    The latest incident involves the arrest of two black members of the current squad…

    Read More »

    Video: Tom Tancredo Exposes Lies About Deadly Mexican Border

    Tom Tancredo exposes Janet Napolitano and the Obama administration’s lies about border security and amnesty. Verdict: The National Guard should be deployed to the Mexican border. Janet Napolitano should be fired.

    Lou Barletta Standing Up for Hazleton Again

    Mayor Lou Barletta, the rare elected official who actually seems to care about his constituents and his country, is speaking out about a class called “War in Hazleton” at Temple University.  Professor Lori Zott has formed a multi-disciplinary class which looks at the immigration battle in Hazleton, Pennsylvania — from a multicultural perspective of course.  Judging from the syllabus, the class hammers away with the usual | Read More »

    Illegal Immigration is American Suicide Walter Rodgers has a really good article in the Christian Science Monitor about illegal immigration from Latin America. There is nothing much I can add to this. I recommend you click the link and read this one yourself. He starts the piece with an arresting anecdote: Walking the sandy beachfront in this ultra-affluent city, I chanced upon two Hispanic men rummaging through the trash. Startled | Read More »

    Conservatives Winning Across Europe

    After years of leftist advancement across the political landscape of Europe, a phenomenon is happening: the traditionalist conservative/right wing forces are recapturing lost ground and giving us a glimpse into the future of European survival. Yesterday in Italy, Lega Nord, the right-wing patriotic movement of Italy, became a force to be reckoned with in Berlusconi’s right-wing coalition government. In the local elections across Italy, the | Read More »

    The Real Face of Amnesty Video

    Youth for Western Civilization founder Kevin DeAnna discusses the true nature of the recent amnesty rally in DC with photos of event as well as the Republicans quest for the mythical Latino vote.