Providence College Basketball Players Randomly Assault Student

Providence College may be a small Catholic liberal arts school, but as the founding member of the Big East Conference, Friars Basketball is big business.  The dynamics of competing in the top basketball conference in the country require recruits to be primarily chosen on the basis of their PPG rather than their SAT.  Given the lily-white, suburbanite demographics of Providence College, the experiences and values of the basketball players are generally an ocean apart from the average student on campus.

This gap has unfortunately manifested itself in a series of incidents that include everything from one teammate smashing another with a tire iron, to another player assaulting his girlfriend on campus. This culminated in the infamous riot that took place directly off campus resulting in the expulsion of half the 1999-2000 team. Although we have yet to reach the upper echelons of athletic “thugnificence” that is University of Miami Football, we are at the very least providing them with spirited competition.

The latest incident involves the arrest of two black members of the current squad…


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