Poll for Indiana Senate Republican Primary

    Hoosier Advocate has the results from a GOP poll (one of the candidates’ internal polling) that indicates that with a little under a month to go, it is a two horse race. The results are: Dan Coats  – 29% John Hostettler  – 26% Marlin Stutzman  – 18% Don Bates, Jr.  – 5% Richard Beheny  –  3% Undecided  – 19% Some might say that Stutzman is | Read More »

    Book Review: Homer E. Capehart

    I was reminded of my college history professor’s biography of Homer Capehart a couple of weeks ago when I saw the unusual book cover in an Indianapolis local TV news segment. On a lark, I found my copy and decided to reread it. I am glad I did. Who was Homer Capehart? I didn’t know before I bought and read this book some 15 years | Read More »

    Cultural Upliftment

    I just got back from the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra where I listened to what I consider the best piece of music ever written–Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. Rather than link to the first movement here, I thought I would link to the 4th movement. Enjoy music that reminds us that we live in a world of hope and beauty.