So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

    Christians are citizens of two countries—heaven and whatever citizenship the world recognizes. Anyone with two citizenships has mixed allegiances. From time to time, one will have greater influence than the other. For me, as well as many others, our allegiance to America and American ideals have taken too great of a priority over heaven. This can be shown by our attachment to the political process. | Read More »

    Indiana Presidential Primary Poll

    Since normally Indiana doesn’t matter in the Presidential primary process, and since there is no contested gubernatorial races this year, there have been no published polls. Well, Howey Politics and the local NBC affiliate have commissioned one: No crosstabs yet. They have Trump 37% Cruz 31% Kasich 22% Of course, Trump usually under-performs and Cruz over performs and it only totals 90%, but there | Read More »

    Poll for Indiana Senate Republican Primary

    Hoosier Advocate has the results from a GOP poll (one of the candidates’ internal polling) that indicates that with a little under a month to go, it is a two horse race. The results are: Dan Coats  – 29% John Hostettler  – 26% Marlin Stutzman  – 18% Don Bates, Jr.  – 5% Richard Beheny  –  3% Undecided  – 19% Some might say that Stutzman is | Read More »

    Book Review: Homer E. Capehart

    I was reminded of my college history professor’s biography of Homer Capehart a couple of weeks ago when I saw the unusual book cover in an Indianapolis local TV news segment. On a lark, I found my copy and decided to reread it. I am glad I did. Who was Homer Capehart? I didn’t know before I bought and read this book some 15 years | Read More »

    Cultural Upliftment

    I just got back from the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra where I listened to what I consider the best piece of music ever written–Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. Rather than link to the first movement here, I thought I would link to the 4th movement. Enjoy music that reminds us that we live in a world of hope and beauty.