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    Attention: If you have ever lived in South Carolina, PLEASE read!

    I am not sure if any of you have noticed this – especially in the wake of Super Storm Sandy, Benghazi, and the impending General Election – but I think this deserves some NATIONAL attention, just in case there are some individuals who once lived in SC in the past and therefore may not be aware of this. Over 3 Million taxpayer income tax returns | Read More »

    A ‘Sequestration’ WARN applicability question to my employer

    Sequestration talk is getting beyond nervous chatter and a lot of folks are genuinely scared/concerned. So, I went and submitted this question on our CEO’s intranet blog this morning. I will update if I hear something back. Considering that the Labor Department has provided ‘guidance’ on the WARN Act, stating that it does not apply to ‘Sequestration’ [], yet “The Department of Labor, since it | Read More »

    Where were you ten years ago?

    For me, September 11, 2001 was to mark the beginning of “COMPTUEX” (a competitive, 45 day pre-deployment qualification detachment) in Mayport, FL for the crew of the USS Kennedy (CV-67) and the aviators and maintainers of CVW-8, of which I was a member of “The Pukin’ Dogs” of VF-143 operating the venerable F-14B (upgrade) Tomcat. This started just like any other work-up in which I | Read More »

    Security v Liberty: The TSA and the Fourth Amendment

    ***This is a research essay I wrote for my ENGL research writing course last quarter. I thought that I would also share it with my RS friends. — Yoyo*** September 11, 2001.  Four commercial airliners are hijacked, the World Trade Center Towers One and Two are destroyed, The Pentagon in flames, a crater in a pasture outside of Shanksville, PA, and close to 3,000 people | Read More »

    Freedom; a Memorial Day Rememberance

    There are many freedoms that all Americans enjoy solely because of the geographic location of our birth. We are privileged to have had men and women come before us who tirelessly worked to build a better tomorrow, sacrificed their wealth to preserve the way of life they had enjoyed so their children could do the same, or those who have mourned their sons, daughters, mothers, | Read More »

    Is Fukushima Dai-Ichi a money-pit?

    Okay, what am I missing? What I have been told (by most media outlets) is that the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power station is suffering a meltdown because the 9.0 earthquake and resultant 15 meter tsunami knocked out the power and swamped the emergency generators to the reactors at the facility. Now, Tokyo Electric Power Co. is frantically attempting to “reconnect power” to the station in | Read More »

    Affordable Healthcare Deform Coming Soon to a Company Near Me

    Oh, joy. I got this today from my HR. Open Enrollment is coming soon. November 8th. And it does not look pretty…. The 2011 Benefits Open Enrollment period is coming November 8-19. This is the time of year to carefully consider the benefits available to you and make the choices that best reflect your family’s needs over the coming year. Please take this opportunity to | Read More »

    The SC Lowcountry Primary Season closes; The End of the Beginning.

    What a Primary season…. This season was TOUGH in SC-01. Multiple GOOD, CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATES – Nikki Haley, Gresham Barrett, Henry McMaster, Tim Scott, Ken Ard, Paul Thurmond, & Leighton Lord. Sadly, Lord did not get the nod for Atty Gen, and we are stuck with a candidate that failed the Bar and has not been a prosecutor, ever. Nikki Haley sealed it up last night. | Read More »

    Hot off the presses from Nikki Haley’s Camp:

    I just received this email from Nikki’s Camp: Friends! As we go through this day, we are closely tracking voter turnout across the state.  We are looking to improve voter turnout in the lowcountry and upstate and need your help to be successful.  If you can help us make phone calls, please email [email protected] for details.  We will succeed in this endeavor if the grassroots | Read More »

    The REAL Tragedy of DeepWater Horizon.

    Adam Weise, Aaron Dale Burkeen, Donald Clark ,Roy Kemp, Jason Anderson, Stephen Curtis, Gordon Jones, Blair Manuel, Dewey Revette, and Shane Roshto.   These 11 are the true tragedy of DeepWater Horizon. Have you heard anyone remembering them in the MSM?   Which brings me to Dave Letterman — he is a CLOWN and he makes me sick.  [From about 1:03 forward.]   This is not the Exxon | Read More »