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    The Silly Ideas We Still Standby

    The philosophy of conservatism as defined by dictionaries declares it to be a disposition towards preserving the established status quo and advocating for the gradual change of policies. I’ve never liked that definition. While it is true that many traditionalists idolize the golden days of the past, this does not preclude conservatives advocating for the advancement of society. Be that in innovation in science and | Read More »

    Is PJ Media Right? Are Rep/Conservatives at a Future Disadvantage?

    This was linked over at HotAir to PJ Media. I’m interested in hearing RedState’s reactions. Are the 10 reasons listed correct, and if they are, what should be done about it? The Last Republican Media Is it possible that George W. Bush could be the last Republican president ever, or at least for the foreseeable future? Am I crazy to even formulate that question? Maybe | Read More »

    The To Do List: We’re getting killed

    We’ve got exactly 20 weeks before the Tampa convention to build a campaign to remove Obama from office, and so far we’re being beaten on every single level. We’re going to get creamed if we don’t start moving fast and smart. What we need to accomplish: 1) Coalesce (The most important) The Democrats have rallied. We have not. It is as simple as that. If | Read More »

    Road to “Beer”-dom

    I’m a beer drinker. No, I take that back. I’m a BEER drinker. I believe there’s nothing more enjoyable than knocking back a cold sudsy pint of beer after a long, hard day of work. Forget tea. Beer is as American as hot dogs and baseball. Coincidentally, also well enjoyed while eating hot dogs and watching baseball. But during the next couple of weeks, it’s | Read More »

    The State of Marriage: What’s What in 2012

    Already a month into 2012 and numerous pro- and anti- gay marriage legislation and ballot referendums have cropped up in more than a few states. Excluding North Carolina, these fights have so far been limited to the traditionally blue states  in New England and surrounding states. That’d probably explain how much of this issue has flown under the radar despite this being an obsessive topic | Read More »

    Reduce the Deficit? They are only dollar coins …

    Ever see a dollar coin? The current Presidential $1 coins have been minted since 2007. The dollar coin has recently been thrown back into the spotlight by NPR after it’s reporting of the waste created by unused coins.  But, contrary to NPR’s opinion, by eliminating the $1 paper dollar and switching our currency to use to the $1 coin, the US gov’t would save $184 | Read More »

    Obama HC Attack Ad — Complete Flip-Flop

    “John McCain’s Health Care Plan. First we learn he’s going to tax health care benefits to pay for part of it. Now the Wall Street Journal reports John McCain would pay for the rest of his health care plan with major reductions to Medicare and Medicaid: $882 billion from Medicare alone, requiring cuts in benefits and eligibility or both. John McCain — taxing health benefits | Read More »

    Help Conservative Charities

    Meet, a Yahoo! powered search engine that gives when you search. For each search inquiry, approximately 1.3 cents is given to a nonprofit of your choosing. Coupled with the search engine is a charity named For every purchase at one of their affiliates (of which there are 1,000+), you will also generate a donation to a nonprofit relative to the size of your | Read More »