Fresh Chance to Send Cruz & Lee Another Recruit

    Suddenly the race to fill the late Frank Lautenberg Senate seat is tightening.   Here’s all you need to know about the contenders: Cory Booker was endorsed by Barrack Obama; Steve Lonergan was endorsed by Mark Levin and Sarah Palin. With the race tightening, Lonegan is going to have to blitz the air waves.  The other thing you need to know: In the recent filings, Scandal-plagued Booker | Read More »

    If you want Bevin to replace McConnell….

    This Monday the Bevin campaign has to report all donations received to date. It’s a very important date for the campaign: funds are needed to show that Matt has financial grassroots support. Let’s show the world that he does.  Donate here:

    The 1773 Boston Tea Party was NOT violent

    There is an effort to paint the original 1773 Tea Party as violent. It wasn’t. Here’s the back story: The high-handed ways the British treated the colonists, from the Quartering Acts forcing them to lodge and feed British soldiers, to the increasingly burdensome taxes, stoked frustration and anger throughout the colonies.  A new Tea Act was passed with a special wrinkle: taxes were due when the bales | Read More »

    Keep fight! Surprising, even miraculous, things can happen.

    And let’s not forget that unforeseen, wonderful –even miraculous — things can happen. In August of 1776 George Washington engaged General Howe’s troops in New York. One British officer reported that “…it was a fine sight to see with what alacrity [we] dispatched the rebels with their bayonets….You know all stratagems are lawful in war, especially against such vile enemies to their King and country.” | Read More »