Health Care Bill To Fund Construction, Land Buys Too

    Who knew that the proposed Senate health care Bill would include provisions and funding to increase access to health care through school-based health centers. Yet nestled deep within the bowels of that Bill lies the plan to spend millions more on construction, even land purchases, enabling additional access to the proposed national health care system. I suppose our hospitals, medical centers, doctors’ offices, and clinics | Read More »

    Who’s Who of Who Gets Regulated in Cap And Trade

    Learning where Federal regulators will most likely be targeting their anti-pollution activities comes as no surprise. Manufacturing businesses and fossil-fuel power plants are the big losers in the “Cap and Trade” scenario. The other big losers will be the employees who will learn that their jobs have been terminated or transferred overseas. But this was the agenda. Through the analysis presented in the Duke University | Read More »

    Obama’s Health Careless Plan: Only Good Enough For Us

    National health care is anything BUT health care. The Health Care Bill is a covert attempt by the Federal Government to eliminate free-choice of health insurance for Americans, but Obama won’t admit this (except through video-bits that he’s been busted on). Face it, Obama is a liar to the American people, and Obama does not care about Americans.That’s why he’s trying to push fast and | Read More »

    Obama: The Repeat-Player

    Obama has his eye on health care reform, stressing the need for national health care. Since this is Obama’s agenda-of-the-week, Obama and his Machine are pouring energy and money into this effort. On Wednesday, Obama will be pushing health care reform on ABC, and though he is urging nationalized health care, he denies this is what the new policy proposal is about. So what exactly | Read More »

    Is It About Windmills Or Windfalls?

    Promoted from the diaries by Skanderbeg.  Do be sure to read down to the tabulation of the incipient green oligopoly that’s trying to coalesce around all this “AGW” nonsense…. After the “global warming” terminology morphed into “climate change”, the EPA dedicated a large section of their website to the issue. With EPA now able to provide the comprehensive information, the challenge to curtail “climate change” | Read More »

    You Might Be A Right-Wing Extremist If You…..

    …..really do “Question Authority”. …..even mention the phrase “We The People”. …..homeschool. …..can recite The Constitution. …..think illegal aliens really are illegal. …..served in the Military. …..think legalizing illegal drugs is a cop-out. Literally. …..realize the Fairness Doctrine is not about fairness. …..attended a Tea Party. …..own a Conceal Carry permit. …..believe Gitmo is the right place for terrorists. …..cringe when you even think about | Read More »

    I Am No “Extremist”

    My letter to Secretary Napolitano, dated April 16, 2009: I am writing because of the release of the Department of Homeland Security report entitled “Rightwing Extremism Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment” prepared by the DHS Extremism and Radicalization Branch of the Homeland Environment Threat Analysis Division. The DHS report states that millions of Right-wing American citizens are potential threats | Read More »

    Doesn’t Obama Want To Count Them Now?

    Since Obama has become President, media coverage on the U.S. troop casualty list has apparently vanished. One might believe that the Iraqi war vanished. One might also be led to believe that there isn’t another war in Afghanistan either. Very little media coverage is heard and there is NO coverage on the U.S. troop casualties. Certainly, Obama does not want direct association with the Afghanistan | Read More »

    Same-Sex Marriage: The For-Profit Venture

    Recently several states have extended marriage rights and civil unions to include same-sex couples. Same-sex marriage is now legal in: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, and Vermont (and California, for an interim period in 2008). Many Americans have been stunned that so many States are essentially falling in line to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples. Same-sex marriage offends the majority of Conservatives as well as the | Read More »