A hero

    Jessica’s Hope First of all, let me apologize because I am probably breaking the rules for posting a diary. This is not a long or in-depth analysis of some political position that affects us all. This is just a brief reference to a woman and a family who made a courage stand in support of life. I have the most meager connection to Clint Council | Read More »

    Did the NAACP actually do (or at least, say) something good?

    First of all, I have had long standing disagreements with the NAACP since as long as I can remember. Even when I was a self-described liberal Democrat (although even then, most of my positions could be described as “moderate” or even “conservative” but that is another story), I did not like the NAACP. In this, I was much like Martin Luther King, Jr.: if you | Read More »

    The David Letterman story is not going to change a single vote

    First of all, for the record, I think what David Letterman’s comments about Sarah Palin and her daughter was neither funny nor appropriate. Furthermore, he should be justly condemned and his sponsors boycotted. On this, I agree with a good many people here. But what I think is silly (and sorry for the harsh word but the best word I can think of is “silly”) | Read More »

    Taliban leader once held in Gitmo

    A very interesting article was just put out by the Associated Press: Afghanistan Taliban leader was at Gitmo. And yes, that is the actual title of the article. Here are the first two paragraphs of the article: The Taliban’s new top operations officer in southern Afghanistan had been a prisoner at the Guantanamo Bay detention center, the latest example of a freed detainee who took | Read More »

    Gingrich is only stating the obvious … but obviously the GOP is deaf

    I ran across the following essay by New Gingrich in the February 11, 2009 issue of The Washington Times. It offers a very succinct yet practical — and in my opinion, except for a lack of mention of the social issues, a very correct view — of Where Does the Conservative Movement Go from here? His advise basically is summed up in three steps he | Read More »

    Conservatives are mad as ….

    I came across a couple of columns on the Internet that explain what happened last night. One is from Hot Air and the other is from the American Issues project. They both say things so well that I really cannot think of much to add to them. In the interest of fair use, I cannot post them in their entirety but I STRONGLY urge everyone | Read More »

    The Reason we lost this election is quite simple!

    We conservatives lost this election seven, six and five years ago because we did not stand up and fight for our principles when the Republican President and the then-Republican-majority Congress presided over the largest increase in the size of the Federal government since FDR’s New Deal. We lost when we denounced opposition to the way the GWOT was being conducted as opposition as being unpatriotic. | Read More »

    c17wife has an ally!

    As many of you know, I have decided to sit out this election. No need to go into the details now but c17wife has written a post or two trying to convince me that this election is too important and that I should vote. Well, she found a perhaps unlikely ally in her quest to convince me to vote this year.

    How about a REDSTATE ROUNDTABLE on the bailout and credit crisis

    It’s not so much that I think the RedState Directors have a better knowledge than the rest of us on this issue but that they seem to be the only ones who can access the RedState servers consistently and reliably enough to make detailed and cogent arguments in support of their disparate opinions. Besides, in fairness to all of them, they have all made very | Read More »

    Prominent Clinton backer and DNC member to endorse McCain

    Although you could joke that the endorsement of a Rothschild (by marriage) who lives in both London and New York is somewhat “elitist.” Maybe that could be the new ad line: “Even the elites now prefer McCain.” Here is the link.