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    We Will Not Legislate Away Evil

    Yesterday morning tragedy unfolded in Virginia as a reporter and camera man for a local television station were gunned down by a man intent, according to his claims, of inciting the race war Dylan Roof had so badly wanted. Last night, in Sunset, LA, a man killed a police officer with a gun then stabbed three women. One of the women died. The gunman from | Read More »

    Donald Trump Got the Better of Jorge Ramos and the Media Knows It

    Donald Trump threw Univision’s Jorge Ramos out of a press conference in Iowa yesterday. Ramos is a self-absorbed, self-righteous leftwing activist the media allows to act as a journalist. He is more agenda driven than the entire cast of MSNBC. The media is outraged!!! outraged!!! that Donald Trump threw the guy out — never mind that he let Ramos back in to ask questions. Trump | Read More »

    ESPN Punishes Curt Schilling for Taking on Radical Islam

    This is really outrageous. Curt Schilling pointed out how few people in Nazi Germany really identified with the Nazi Party to point out that even though so few people identify with radical Islam there is a problem. His point was sound. But it outrageously outraged ESPN, a network that has put political correctness ahead of truth and news. So they’ve yanked him from a little | Read More »

    This is The Single Most Amazing Thing About Donald Trump’s Supporters

    Donald Trump leads in the polling averages by about 22%. In some individual states he is higher. In some he is lower. Nationally, Trump hit a ceiling of about twenty-five percent and has trended down from there. But, he is still in the lead. I have noticed a trend with Trump’s supporters and it is the single most amazing thing about his supporters. They recite | Read More »

    Congressional Republicans To Keep Organ Harvesting Alive and Babies Dead

    Congressional Republicans are coming up with every excuse imaginable to avoid having to defund Planned Parenthood. Right now they’re going with the “let’s investigate” card. They think that if they just probe deeply enough they’ll have enough ammunition to attack the Democrats. Yes, that would be the exact same Democrats who have seen the same videos everyone else has seen and decided it is no | Read More »

    Note to Jeb Bush — This is a bad idea [UPDATED]

    The Bush team reached out to me and said The Hill got the report below wrong. In particular, the campaign tells me that Governor Bush “said we needed more options and state flexibility and name checked Tennessee promise” as an example of state flexibility. He does not support a new federal entitlement program, but rather flexibility for states to experiment. Whew! ——————————— Jeb Bush has | Read More »

    BuzzFeed’s Casey Gueren (@caseygueren) & Yahoo’s Jen Gerson Uffalussy (@jennyalyse) Get Planned Parenthood Awards

    Many commentators, not just on the right, have noticed a lack of coverage about the Planned Parenthood videos from BuzzFeed. In the rare coverage from BuzzFeed, it has mostly been to mock eye witnesses or downplay the findings of the Center for Medical Progress’s investigation. Casey Gueren is the Health Editor for BuzzFeed and now we have a pretty good idea why Casey Gueren has | Read More »

    Global Warming Is Cleaning the Air

    According to Democrats, global warming caused the conflict in the Middle East. That has been their pivot now that George Bush has gone and ISIS did not exist until after he left. Yes, you see it has gotten so hot that resources are scarce and people are hungry. So ISIS rose to power, war started, and it is all global warming’s fault. It has the | Read More »

    The Obama Economy Calls to Clinton and Biden

    Fairly or not, the President of the United States tends to get the credit and blame for the economy. If we have economic growth, the President does well. If we have an economic slowdown, the President gets blamed. This President is probably going to do his best to blame China and the Republicans who, he will argue, should just do something. Never mind that the | Read More »

    The One Who Should Be There

    I know and like many of the Presidential candidates for the GOP. Several of them got their start in national politics on the stage at the RedState Gathering. Others have become friends over time — actual friends, not just someone I know and call friend. I have hopes that becomes an alternative to Donald Trump. I think there is something to be said that after | Read More »

    Dana Loesch Live at the Reagan Ranch

    RedState Friend Dana Loesch is giving a speech at the Reagan Ranch in about five minutes. It is going to be live streamed by Young Americas Foundation. Check it out here.

    The Jews!!!

    We are getting a very interesting look into the mind of the left. The other day the Associated Press reported on a new revelation inside the Iran deal. According to the Associated Press, the United Nations is going to let Iran inspect its own nuclear sites. The Associated Press is standing by the story. But after first reporting it, the AP released a summarized story | Read More »

    John Kasich’s Jesus

    John Kasich, Ohio’s Governor, is running for President on the platform of telling Republicans painful truths in order to get free media exposure as a “truth teller.” Kasich will tell anyone willing to listen that Jesus demanded he expand Obamacare in Ohio. He said that one day we’d stand before our Creator who would demand, “What did you do for the least of them?” Kasich | Read More »

    I Thought You Called Them “Spare Parts”

    Hillary Clinton, to distract everyone from the ongoing criminal investigation against her, has gone after Jeb Bush over “anchor babies.” Clinton declared on twitter, ““They’re called babies.” This is a woman who defends an organization that cuts open a child’s head, while the child is still living with a beating heart, to take the child’s brain. In other words, Hillary Clinton is perfectly fine to | Read More »

    It is Not a Binary Choice

    Delve into the most vocal supporters of Donald Trump and you may notice a recurring theme. If you do not support Trump, you are supporting Jeb Bush. Now, that is not true, but there you have it. A lot of Trump supporters look at a fiend of 17 candidates and have concluded there are only two — Trump and not Trump, with “Not Trump” being | Read More »