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    Donald Trump’s Big Mistake Wasn’t His Statement on John McCain

    Donald Trump made a potentially fatal error yesterday in Iowa. Contrary to what most people in the press and the establishment think, it was not insulting . Though he crossed a line with his McCain remark, that’s not what the average evangelical, base Republican voter was paying attention to. In addition to his statement on McCain, Trump also said he had never asked for forgiveness | Read More »

    You Actually Are Better Than This, Donald Trump

    Donald Trump needs to apologize to John McCain. I do not care for John McCain as a Senator. I think he is far nastier to Republicans than Democrats. I think he ran a terrible race for President. I’m just not a fan of him as a politician. But John McCain was a war hero. Contrary to what Donald Trump said today, it is not because | Read More »

    Thank You Duncan Hunter

    announced this morning that he is submitting legislation to let military recruiters carry weapons or have the Pentagon maintain outside security. is a retired Marine. He made the comment on Morning Joe. Good for him.

    Dear GOP, Including the Bush Family, Please Return Nancy G. Brinker’s Donations

    A few years ago, former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel, persuaded the Susan G. Komen Foundation to stop giving money to Planned Parenthood. There was a leftwing orchestrated public backlash and, on the advice of Karl Rove, the Komen Foundation reversed its position and Karen Handel quit as the Foundation resumed tithing to Planned Parenthood. Nancy Brinker is a major Republican donor and heads | Read More »

    My Conversation with Gov. Scott Walker

    Earlier today I had a conversation with Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. He’s out on the campaign trail now. I started the interview with the late breaking news about Chattanooga, but also got him to focus on his one big item and why liberals, even when winning, seem so angry.

    Apple, Inc. Has Little Interest in Conservative News Voices

    I knew this was going to happen. I wrote about it a few weeks ago. It was my impression that Apple, in preparing a news service, would set it up in such a way as to make right-wing and orthodox Christian voices disappear. Sure enough. I just set up Apple News on my iPad. Here is the start screen. So we have the left-wing New | Read More »

    What the Hell Happened to Rand Paul?

    Here is the guy who should be doing some cross-party fusion. He rallied a lot of Americans in bipartisan fashion on national security. He seemed to be playing his cards right. And . . . ? Bernie Sanders is kicking his butt in campaign fundraising. In fact, I dare say Sanders froze Paul’s chance at fusion. All the little rich libertine millennials that Paul was | Read More »

    Barack Obama: Willful Patsy

    Joanne Chesimard killed a New Jersey state trooper named Werner Foerster during a traffic stop. Though she received a life sentence, Chesimard fled to Cuba where she has been taking refuge from the American legal system ever since. She joined Charlie Hill who, in 1971, killed a state trooper in New Mexico then hijacked a plane to Cuba. These two cop killers join almost seventy | Read More »

    We Already Know What Will Happen

    We already know what is going to happen with Iran. In a few years, there will be an underground nuclear detonation signaling that Iran has learned to make a bomb and is deploying a nuclear arsenal. It will destabilize the region and provoke a war that is even now foreseeable. But until the moment the seismographs register the nuclear explosion, Democrats and the media will | Read More »

    Her Get Up and Go Done Got Up and Went

    Did you see Hillary Clinton’s press conference yesterday? She is like the Giant Sequoia of Campaign 2016 — old and casting a long shadow over the rest of the candidates. She claimed to be in favor of a tomorrow and future, but then attacked tech companies like Uber and AirBnb, both companies used by a growing number of people who could be referred to as | Read More »

    An Act of Kindness by the Obama Administration

    There is a small percentage of people in the world who, despite being male or female, believe they are the opposite sex. Through a lobbying campaign and more recently a sustained campaign of harassment and silencing, they have convinced or otherwise intimidated a segment of society that they are not mentally ill, but rather gender and sex are two separate things. In fact, for a | Read More »

    The Intriguing Bid of Scott Walker

    Today, Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker will formally announce his candidacy for the Presidency of the United States. Republicans have been waiting for Walker to do so and the field has been incomplete without him. It’s not that Walker has not been running. He has. He has just been focused on building up his Super PAC before having to separate himself from its fortunes. He has | Read More »

    Another Reason for the Rise of Trump

    Politico has another reason why Donald Trump is doing so well. The GOP is structuring a plan on Obamacare to do an end run around Senate Conservatives while making it look like they’ve done something on Obamacare. Follow along with me. According to Jennifer Haberkorn and Rachael Bade, says, ““I think we need to find some way to arrive at something like a Ryan-Murray II | Read More »

    Stop Complaining About Donald Trump

    On paper, Donald Trump should not be an issue for any of the 2016 Republican candidates, given Trump’s background. Trump has been on record supporting a Canadian style, universal healthcare system. He received several deferments to avoid the Vietnam War. His company reportedly hired illegal aliens. He has had several businesses go bankrupt. He has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democrats and their | Read More »

    That Time Roosevelt Out Debated Hitler

    “Secular leftism does not sell well when contrasted with an ideology that promises an afterlife filled with virgins and a present filled with heroic struggle against a Great Satan sissy in mom jeans.” History remembers how we won World War II. Franklin Roosevelt rolled his wheelchair into Germany and debated Adolph Hitler. At the end of the debate, the Germans smacked themselves upside the head, | Read More »