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    Lessons From the Night

    Republicans are going to have the largest House majority they’ve seen since 1946. They have won gubernatorial races, congressional races, and Senate races in blue territory. The GOP not only held Florida, Kansas, and Maine, races they were expected to lose, but they gained Illinois, Maryland, and Massachusetts. They picked up the State House in Minnesota. The GOP did very well in a wave. I | Read More »

    Steve Munisteri is the Big Winner From Tuesday

    You have probably never heard of Steve Munisteri, but you need to get to know him. Munisteri is the Chairman of the Texas Republican Party. He got in that position by challenging the Texas Republican establishment. He fought his way in as an outsider. After he won, panic set in among Texas Republicans. They were pretty sure they were screwed. Munisteri was an outsider after | Read More »

    Dear Democrats

    3pm ET today: Q&A at Facebook

    I’ll be dropping by the RedState Facebook page at 3pm ET today for a Q&A session with RedState readers. Come on by at 3pm and I’ll get started taking questions from the crowd. Our Facebook page is

    The “We Are Not Obama” Election of 2014

    The spin doctors involved in the election would have you believe this has been a substantive campaign. They’d have you believe that real issues were discussed to get people to vote. My wife is classified as a swing voter because she typically does not vote in primaries, but has had to, like me, vote in local Democrat primaries to shape local electoral outcomes. Otherwise she | Read More »

    Honoring Wendy Davis and the Campaign of Awesome

    Honoring Wendy Davis and the Campaign of Awesome

    Wendy Davis, the Democrats’ gubernatorial nominee in Texas, will lose today. I had the honor of coining the phrase “Abortion Barbie” to define her campaign. Sabo, the artist, then did a giant Abortion Barbie poster to celebrate Davis’s trip to California for a fundraiser. He sent me an original of the poster. To honor both Sabo’s gift and Wendy Davis’s campaign that provided months of | Read More »

    The Official GOP Establishment Spin: Calling Conservatives Racist Won the Election

    The Official GOP Establishment Spin: Calling Conservatives Racist Won the Election

    Here we go folks. Haley Barbour is setting the Republican spin. We have been seeing this shape up in the past 48 hours. According to Haley Barbour, the GOP’s destruction of conservatives in Mississippi will win this thing tonight. Pay no attention to struggles by folks like Thom Tillis and . Had the GOP not called conservatives racists, everything would be fine. Oh, and never | Read More »

    Wouldn’t Be Surprised by 53

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we get to 53 seats in the Senate. I break down the races and laugh at Michelle Nunn on tonight’s show.

    Don’t Be Crazy Pete

    Don't Be Crazy Pete

    I suspect the GOP will have the Senate in its possession tonight. I am optimistic for 53 seats, though I would settle for 51. I do not think the night closes with the fate of the Senate being unknown due to runoffs. I think Kansas Republicans will come home to too. The party leaders will work overtime running from their own victory claiming the nation | Read More »


    Looking Like Washington Instead of America

    I would have titled it differently, but I have a piece up at the Politico, at their request, about the election. Earlier today, Republican leaders said they were going to use the election as justification to themselves that voters were rejecting the tea party in favor of guys who look and think like Washington Republicans. There’s just one problem — running as “we’re not Barack | Read More »

    Republicans Embrace the Worst Tactic of Obama 2012

    While much the GOP does hacks me off, campaign tactics rarely get me angry from either side. I started my career in politics as a campaign guy and I remain impressed at the innovative ways campaigns work and try to reach voters. I am not a swing voter. Having been an elected Republican and voting routinely in Republican primaries, I am classified as a “Hard | Read More »

    The KKK is Rising Again, Say Democrats Accusing the GOP of a Fear Campaign

    There are two Americas. One is based in reality and Rachel Maddow lives in the other. She has penned an op-ed in the Washington Post claiming that the GOP is using fear to win this election. It is true that candidates are out there claiming there is a war on women. It is true that third party groups are running ads claiming if certain candidates | Read More »

    Can I Call You?

    Can I call you on Wednesday morning? I’m doing a nationwide conference call with RedState Readers. If you want to be a part of it, go here to register. I will call you at 9:00 a.m. Eastern on Wednesday. The purpose of the call will be to break down races, look at what happened, and explore the future. Register here. I’ll talk to you Wednesday | Read More »


    The Democrats’ Inner-Despot Comes Out for an Op-Ed

    The Democrats' Inner-Despot Comes Out for an Op-Ed

    When Democrats start to lose power, they start to show you who they really ar. Like totalitarian despots ordering the razing of the city as the peasants take up arm, Democrats have no real use for democracy unless it serves their purposes. The New York Times reminds us of this again. Two of their op-ed contributors want the midterm elections cancelled. Mind you, they were | Read More »

    The Love Affair Ends

    The Love Affair Ends

    Voters around the country will head into Election Day prepared to end their love affair with Barack Obama. Republicans should be cautious in how they interpret the voters’ mixed signals. First, it is important to understand the president’s delusions. A series of reports have come out that the White House believes Democrats should embrace the president. Never mind that only a month ago White House | Read More »