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    Donald Trump’s First Real Crisis on the Campaign Trail

    We have arrived at Donald Trump’s first real crisis on the campaign trail. In one word, it is “Iowa.” In the latest Monmouth poll, Trump is now 14 points behind Ben Carson. One poll, in and of itself, is not a trend. But there are now five polls showing the same trend. Trump is now behind Carson. Trump supporters cannot credibly think that suddenly the | Read More »

    Yes, the Arguments For Abortion Do Parallel the Arguments Defending Slavery

    Ben Carson is right. I’m shocked the media is shocked. I’ve made the same point on CNN and Fox for several years as have a number of pro-lifers. Go through the arguments defending abortion and you will hear echoes of slavery. It’s their property. It’s their body. It’s not a person. It’s only 3/5th a person. They feel nothing. It does not matter if they | Read More »

    Politicizing Taylor Swift

    On Saturday evening, I took my ten year old to her first concert. It was only my second, but my first like that. Wow. The concert was great. I flooded Instagram with a lot of pictures. Those pictures, in turn, went to Facebook and Twitter. Here was a sold out concert of approximately 56,800 people, many of them parents with children, and it was perfectly | Read More »

    Conservatives United Get Huge Wins for the GOP

    There is lots and lots of condescension in Washington by those who loathe the House Freedom Caucus and outside conservative groups. They’re referred to as the “entertainment wing of the GOP,” accused of being in it for the money, and laughed at as if no reasonable person could possibly agree with them. All the dripping scorn and condescension hide a very simple fact — the | Read More »

    Barack Obama Vetos Defense Bill Because It Spends Too Little

    The glory days of big spending liberalism are back. Barack Obama has just vetoed a defense spending bill that spends $612 billion. Why? It does not spend enough on non-defense spending. That’s right. Barack Obama wanted more domestic spending. The Republicans and enough Democrats in the Senate refused. So Obama vetoed it. He wants bigger government or no defense. That’s the American left. By the | Read More »

    The Benghazi Hearing Should Not Be, But Is, A Waste of Time

    There are still, despite a media effort to deny it, a lot we do not know about Libya and Benghazi. Only now do we have Ambassador Stephens’ emails. Only recently did we learn that Hillary Clinton was being privately advised by people with financial interests in the Libyan outcome. For example, it is clear from Hillary Clinton’s emails that the Obama Administration did not want | Read More »

    The Ball is in Paul Ryan’s Court Again

    came in demanding the conservatives in the House of Representatives bend to his will, including tossing a 215 year old rule written by Thomas Jefferson to prevent a tyrannical Speaker of the House. House Conservatives refused all of ‘s preconditions. They also refused a unanimous endorsement of . But a two-thirds majority backs Ryan and headlines across the news media point out that this effectively | Read More »

    Paul Ryan Wants House Conservatives To Sign Their Own Death Warrant

    has conditions to become Speaker of the House. One of those conditions is that the House of Representatives gut the ability to remove a future Speaker. You read that right. wants the House of Representatives to neuter the ability of a majority to replace the Speaker of the House. House conservatives would be insane to agree to these terms. Ryan is actually promising very little | Read More »

    Ryan’s Hope: A Soap Opera About Paul Ryan’s Indecision

    “There are houses full of sorority sisters on great campuses within the SEC who have less drama within them than has as one man.” Good grief, is a one man soap opera. First he doesn’t want it. Then he still doesn’t want it. Then he kinda, sorta, maybe wants it. Then he does not want it again. How many weeks into the saga of Ryan | Read More »


    Conservative Talk Radio in Donald Trump’s Pocket

    I am by no means an expert on conservative talk radio, but do actually have a highly rated talk radio program. I have filled in for several of the biggest hosts in syndicated talk radio. My radio show is on the most listened to news/talk station in the country or, on its worse day, no less than the number three most listened to talk station | Read More »

    House Leaders Devise Plan to Fund Planned Parenthood and Retreat from Obamacare Repeal

    “House conservatives need to wake up and realize what their Leaders are trying to accomplish and vote no.” This week amidst all the fog surrounding who will be the next Speaker, House Leaders are planning to pass a bill that will be a significant setback on two major conservative priorities–defunding Planned Parenthood and fully repealing Obamacare. They need to be stopped. Congress recently voted for | Read More »

    George W. Bush Attacks Ted Cruz. Advantage to Ted Cruz.

    “I am not aware of George W. Bush criticizing Barack Obama as intensely as he has criticized his Republican Senator in Texas.” I continue to think is on trajectory to be the next President of the United States in a nomination fight against and George W. Bush may have just handed the whole race to Cruz. Multiple people have told the Politico that at a | Read More »

    Let’s Pigeonhole the Demographic

    During the CNN debate, there were two moments of media stereotyping that took place that were entirely predictable. When they wanted a “Black Lives Matter” question, they went to the black reporter to toss it to the black questioner off Facebook. When they wanted an immigration question, they went to the hispanic reporter. In the media, white people cannot ask “Black Lives Matter” questions or | Read More »

    Rand Paul’s Presidential Pulse Is Barely There

    This is another not good sign for the campaign. He needs Iowa, New Hampshire, or South Carolina to spring board into the SEC Primary and he does not have Iowa. It sounds like New Hampshire is not doing well either. His recent fundraising numbers are disappointing, his poll numbers are atrocious in places like New Hampshire where he should be thriving, a former top aide | Read More »

    Georgia Tech Hates Freedom. Starts Show Trial Against Fraternity.

    A black female student claims members of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity at Georgia Tech yelled racist insults at her from windows in the fraternity house. There’s just a few problems with her story. The windows she claims were used are sealed and cannot be opened. There are security cameras too that do not show young men at the windows or the young lady outside | Read More »