Is Ted Cruz the New Favorite?

      A new FoxNews poll shows that has pulled into a virtual tie with Trump in Iowa, as Carson continues to tumble headlong out of the picture. Trump registers 25% in the poll, followed by 23% for Cruz, 18% for Carson, 13% for Rubio, then the also-rans far behind. It looks an awful lot at this point like has to be considered the prohibitive favorite in | Read More »

      Some good news for Carly Fiorina

      From USAToday: Despite her falling poll numbers, businesswomen Carly Fiorina has one group of GOP voters in her corner. G2 Analytics, an analytics platform that allows users to give real-time feedback during live or recorded events, and the College Republican National Committee conducted a web-based focus group to measure 328 Millennial Republican primary voters’ reactions during the Nov. 10 debate hosted by Fox Business Network. | Read More »

      Talking Turkey: National Security – and Growing Our Own Food

      Turkey: Thursday is, of course, Thanksgiving. A holiday which celebrates our inconceivable good fortune and tremendous bounty. Most of us celebrate our good fortune – by joining with family and friends to consume massive amounts of bounty. We (should) do so in large part in remembrance of how hard it was for the Pilgrims to scrape together enough food on any day – let alone | Read More »

      Is Net Neutrality ‘The Law’ Or ‘The Great Internet Power Grab’?

      Sometime in the next several months, a federal appellate court will choose between two narratives used to describe the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) decision earlier this year to regulate the Internet as a public utility using “net neutrality” rules: Was the FCC simply implementing the law as Congress had always intended; or Was net neutrality a ploy for an Internet power grab by three unelected bureaucrats? A | Read More »

      Where Is Liberal Rage Over Mass Shooting In New Orleans?

      The location is New Orleans; home of many political footballs in the last decade. The incident was a shooting; the most (forgive me) triggering situation possible in American discourse. The number of victims was 17; more than were shot in Charleston. The setting? A playground. A playground. This is news from Louisiana on Sunday. Seventeen people were shot but survived when gunfire erupted on on | Read More »


      Remedial Education: Baltimore Democrats Making Students Pay More For Less

      As Congress continues conferencing on its bill overhauling No Child Left Behind, news just keeps on popping up that shows why you just can’t trust Democratic machine-run states and localities to handle education appropriately. This is an ongoing problem that I’ve written about before here and here. This time, the bad news comes from Baltimore, home of struggling Democratic presidential contender and former Maryland Gov. | Read More »

      Poster Boy For Opposing the “No Fly List” Arrested for ISIS Ties

      You probably won’t see this one on MSNBC. Or if you do, it’ll be to say the “no fly list” turned this poor man to terrorism. Nonetheless, MSNBC a few years ago highlighted the terrible plight of Saadiq Long. He became the poster child for opposing the “no fly list.” “MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Glenn Greenwald, and Mother Jones” covered Saadiq Long’s sob story and he | Read More »

      Trump is all about ethanol cronyism. Because of course.

      The longer that Donald Trump’s campaign for president goes on, the more he is exposed as a deeply unconservative, anti-free market, anti-limited government liberal who has just conned the media and a bunch of poor, low-information voters into thinking he’s conservative by saying a bunch of inflammatory things, usually involving women or minorities. The latest example: Turns out Trump is big into ethanol mandates and thinks | Read More »

      Is Ben Carson Collapsing?

      It’s been a heady month for Ben Carson. For a guy who, at times, barely seems like he’s actually running for President (but definitely seems like he’s running a pretty good book tour), it must have been bizarre to see himself catapult to the top of the polls and actually put an end to Donald Trump’s 100-plus day reign as the undisputed leader in the | Read More »

      Obama Wants to Kill ISIS…With Kindness

      President Obama continued his blame shifting on Sunday in Malaysia, unsurprisingly claiming that virtually every move the United States could make that isn’t what he proposes be done in response to the ISIS terror attacks (which is nothing) would be “helping ISIS.” What a nifty rhetorical device for the President – either you are for exactly what he is doing or you are for the | Read More »

      Obama is Trying to Legally Prevent People from Leaving America

      Remember back in 2012, when good old crazy uncle Ron Paul said that he opposed building a wall on the Southern border because he was afraid it might be used to try to keep Americans in instead of keeping illegal immigrants out? Turns out we might owe at least a partial apology to laughing at Ron Paul for this one, because Barack Obama is attempting this very thing. | Read More »

      How Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama Created ISIS

      How did it happen? How did a violent Islamic regime, a regime that is sort of like Saudi Arabia but with inferior grooming and hygiene, come to hold sway over large portions of Iraq and Syria? Over the weekend, Soviet Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev provided an interesting insight. During a visit to Kuala Lumpur, Medvedev laid blame for ISIS, and one must say for the | Read More »

      Yes, Muslims Should Have to Answer for ISIS

      Stick a microphone in front of an American liberal these days and they will wax big-hearted and full of understanding about how terrible it is that people are asking mainstream Muslims to condemn ISIS. “It’s ridiculous,” they will say, “to make these good people answer for their extremist, violent brethren.” Hillary Clinton went one step farther, claiming (somewhat counterintuitively) that Islam has nothing at all | Read More »

      What Happened In Louisiana?

      On Saturday night, Louisiana elected for governor a very liberal Democrat legislator with absolutely no accomplishments other than having served in the military for eight years. He has filed and supported legislation to stop school choice, done the bidding of trial lawyers, and even promised to expand Medicaid (though he is currently backing away from it). So, why on earth would Louisiana do this? Was | Read More »