Gropey Joe Biden Tells PA Voters He Wants to Fight Donald Trump for Groping Women

Free Speech 2

Increasingly, college campuses across the U.S. are becoming havens for everything but conservative thought. At these institutions of “higher learning”, safe spaces protect tender twenty-somethings from the scary concept called diversity of thought. DePaul University, a private, (loosely) Catholic university in Chicago, is just the latest example. In the era of Black Lives Matter, you may think all lives matter. Silly you. Such an idea is | Read More »


Do your best, no matter what, and win or lose, you can hold your head up, knowing that you tried. It’s sound advice. It’s usually given by parents to a child who faces some competition, and is unsure of the outcome. It can also be twisted into something really wrong, in the wrong hands. At a rally in North Carolina, Donald Trump distorted this saying, | Read More »

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