Another Movie to Blame for Violence? Democrats Ask Florida Theaters to Not Show “Hillary’s America”

Trump's bible

He’s got great religion. The best religion. People say all the time… listen… frankly, he’s a religion machine. The Cheeto-devil continues to mock his way through the evangelical vote. While speaking in Roanoke, Virginia today, Donald Trump added insult to the steamer trunk full of injury he’s already amassed. You can add this to the references to “Two Corinthians” and his claim to not need | Read More »


Wow. If you thought the Republican side of the aisle was divided (and it is), then the Democrats have shown that they REALLY know how to do division right. After the most brutal weekend for the DNC perhaps in its history, DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was supposed to be limited to ceremoniously gaveling in and out the convention before scuttling off to join the Hillary | Read More »

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