This is Important

      This is important. The tolerance-loving terrorist apologists, having failed to dissuade Benjamin Netanyahu from canceling his speech before a joint session of Congress, are now trying to astroturf the issue.  They have the Anti-Defamation League in their corner.  They’ve got the Israeli press making noises that Bibi should cancel.  They’re trying to put a deal together for Bibi to visit the White House if he | Read More »

      Government Broadband Plan Would Move US Policy to the Left of Europe

      From the diaries… Last year the European Union (EU) ruled that government owned broadband networks are harmful to competition and counterproductive to broadband deployment in markets with private competitors — like the market in Cedar Falls, Iowa where the President spoke. In a speech preceding the State of the Union Address, President Obama said that preempting state laws prohibiting municipalities from owning broadband networks puts him on the | Read More »

      Bobby Jindal Versus the Lily-Livered

      It’s another budget year in Louisiana, which means that it’s time for the annual festival in which lily-livered Republicans and the media they enable gather to wring their hands about Bobby Jindal’s fiscal policies. This year the hand wringing is perhaps more fervent than ever given governor Jindal’s elevated national profile due to the speculation that he will run for President. A sample of the | Read More »

      Gallup exposes pro-abort GOP politicians for what they are

      Over the past years we social conservatives have heard time and again about abortion being a loser at the polls. Just a few weeks ago a caucus of Quisling women Republicans sold out babies who will be killed by late term abortion. They did this by posturing as some kind of latter-day Machiavellis whose intimate knowledge of the uterus would save the GOP from folly. | Read More »

      Saving You From Beer

      In Georgia, we have a first hand look today at crony capitalism and its destructive effects on your liberty. After the end of prohibition, Georgia adopted a three-tier system for selling alcohol. Brewers and distillers make it, then a distribution company sells it for them, and retailers purchase and resell to the public. With the rise of craft breweries, however, the three-tier system creates a | Read More »

      Lawfare: Feds Launch Another New Probe Against Governor Christie

      The Obama administration’s never-ending investigations against New Jersey GOP Governor Chris Christie continue, as the Feds launch a new probe.  Christie hasn’t even announced his presidential campaign yet, and the Democrats are already loading their trebuchets with Jersey mud. The International Business Times reported Bennet Barlyn’s allegation that he was fired from his job with the Hunterdon County prosecutor’s office as retaliation for his opposing the state’s | Read More »

      Is *Hillary* Ready?

      This is a very nice Townhall article by Conn Carroll on Barack Obama and how he was not the Left’s Ronald Reagan (unless you count the way that Barack Obama, like Reagan, has made the argument against big government – however inadvertently, in Obama’s case).  But I have a quibble. In short, I always have the same question in my head when I see lines like | Read More »

      Obama’s budget screws his Big Pharma allies

      This is just pure schadenfreude. It might even be schadenfreude a la mode with a bourbon chaser. During the passage of Obamacare some of the likely victims of his scheme to trash the American health care sector signed onto the plan in order, they thought, to save themselves. To their great and everlasting shame, a lot of the Catholic hierarchy bought the bullsh** feel-good of | Read More »

      The minimum wage and the Big Mac

      There has been a cute little meme circulating on the internet which I use as the featured image for this post. This idea being… apparently… that in Australia the minimum wage is higher than the US yet the price of the commodity, here a burger from McDonald’s, is cheaper. Therefore, it is evil capitalist plutocrats who are screwing the people. And, presumably, the way to | Read More »

      How many Senators will retire in 2016?

      Possibly not that many: “Of the 34 senators facing re-election next year, just one has announced retirement. A CQ Roll Call survey of the entire Senate class showed only one more senator publicly undecided about re-election, plus three additional senators considering bids for other offices. Two more Senate offices did not return requests for comment on re-election plans, though Democrats are near certain one of | Read More »

      Queer agriculture and the melon of ecstasy

      We live in an interesting age. To say the least. Homosexuals are not only free to cavort where and when they please but they can pretend to be married and have you punished if you don’t go along with the farce. Three people are being married. Fathers are marrying daughters. Surgically changing one’s sex has devolved from something the rich and bizarre did in Sweden | Read More »

      Obama is bungling the war in Syria

      Sometimes you have to ask yourself whether this administration is duplicitous on an epic scale or if it is incompetent on an epic scale. Take, for instance, the ongoing “war” with ISIS. This war requires ground troops to execute it. Currently there are four major sources of ground troops; the Iraqi armed forces, Iranian militias (in Iraq and Syria, and I am dumping Lebanese Hezbollah | Read More »

      Obama, Unemployment and The Big Lie

      Somebody, they might have been famous, I don’t know for sure, once said that if you tell a big lie often enough, eventually you’ll convince a lot of morons that the lie is the truth. Unsurprisingly, this tactic, a favorite of totalitarians and community organizers everywhere is being used by Obama. From his State of the Union speech: Our unemployment rate is now lower than | Read More »