The Democrat Bench Is Shallow And Aging

      The Democrats’ extensive losses in the 2010 and 2014 midterms (as well as other off-year elections in 2009, 2011, 2015 and the Governors races in 2012) have left their party hollowed out beneath the White House, which is one reason why the top two contenders in their presidential primary are a 68-year-old who arrived in Washington in 1993, and a 74-year-old who has never held | Read More »

      The Refugee Rejections Are Ultimately a Failure of Leadership

      To gain entry into the United States as a refugee, a person must wait it out in a refugee camp abroad for a minimum of six months and upwards of two years. The person or family is screened for health, connections, investigated, etc. Or at least that is how it is supposed to be. But under the Obama Administration we have seen government fail across | Read More »

      President Obama Says GOP Acting As Recruitment Tool For ISIS

      It takes a particular level of gall to be on foreign soil and criticize your political opponents. It is even worse when one is on foreign soil and openly treats political opponents with a level of contempt and anger that would be better served directed at terrorists. President Obama went there and after calling the terrorist attacks in Paris a “setback” and getting pissy with the | Read More »

      Pro-Life Leaders in Washington May Be the Stupidest People in America

      Hey! Guess what?? Republican Leaders in the Senate are going to ditch language on Planned Parenthood from reconciliation. Note that some pro-lifers are saying the provision is still there. True, but it cannot be stripped until it gets to the floor. If it gets there it will be stripped, but it may not even get there. So pro-life groups in DC blew up a bunch | Read More »

      New National Poll: Trump 31%, Carson 22%, Cruz 13%

      A new national poll out from University of Massachusetts confirms what we are seeing in other polls. The contest is a four-man race but a race with two distinct levels of candidates. The top level are the two outsiders, Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Between the two of them they claim 53% of GOP primary voters. The second tier is [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ | Read More »

      Take it from Obama: There’s no more need for Refugees

      According to the UN, “Migrants, especially economic migrants, choose to move in order to improve the future prospects of themselves and their families. Refugees have to move if they are to save their lives or preserve their freedom.” So the good news is, according to President Barack Obama, the war in Iraq and Syria is contained. There should be no more refugees, as the war | Read More »

      “My Christianity is Better Than Your Christianity”

      Imagine a scenario where a Christian watches arsonists burn down a neighbor’s home, then demands that you house the neighbor as their house is in smoldering rubble. That is basically why we have a Syrian refugee crisis. A group of Christians and secularists demanded we do nothing while ISIS sacked, raped, and pillages across the Middle East, displacing millions of Syrians. Now, we are supposed | Read More »

      If You Thought You Could Never Agree With Dianne Feinstein, Think Again

      On Friday morning in an interview on Good Morning America, President Obama proclaimed to George Stephanopolous that ISIS was “contained.”  He went on to state: “I don’t think they’re gaining strength.  From the start, our goal has been to contain and we have contained them.  They have not gained ground in Iraq, and in Syria they’ll come in, they’ll leave.  But you don’t see this | Read More »

      From the Mailbag: It’s Mostly the Racism

      For a long time, I have wondered why the Trump fans aren’t just Cruz fans. After all, if they are just looking for someone who fights, why aren’t they supporting someone who actually fights, and has been fighting for years, as opposed to someone who just pretends to fight so he can fool low information voters? Thankfully, we got an email yesterday from a Donna | Read More »

      Adam Laxalt Takes on Obama. Sandoval Objects.

      Adam Laxalt is challenging the federal government. This time it is related to federal sage grouse land use restrictions. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is worth noting that in a state where federal land control is massive and resented, the Republican Governor, Brian Sandoval is opposed to challenging Obama. What makes this so significant is that Laxalt was able to | Read More »

      Moms Demand Muslim Control

      Prior to last Friday, this entire calendar year has basically been an excuse for the media to push gun control legislation. We have been “treated” to a nonstop barrage of the exploitation of tragedy by a media that does not even pretend to objectivity on this issue, and who claim that mass shootings are on the rise in spite of a complete lack of objective | Read More »

      ISIS Is Islamic and Bruce Jenner is a Man

      “France has done more damage to ISIS in one day than Barack Obama, a man who thinks Bruce Jenner is a woman and ISIS is not Islamic, has done in months of alleged conflict.”When ISIS tells us that they are Islamic, the American left says they are not. Though ISIS self-identifies as Islamic, the American left rejects that identification. When Bruce Jenner says he is | Read More »